Siamese Cat Mix

Siamese Mix Cat Breed: Does This Feline Make Good Pets?

Siamese mix cats exhibit the signature colors and patterns of the Siamese breed, like cream, chocolate, or seal points. They also tend to inherit the vocal, outgoing personality Siamese are known for.

Physically, Siamese mixes may have the wedge-shaped head, large ears, and piercing blue eyes distinctive to the breed. If your cat shows some of these traits, Siamese lineage is likely.

Siamese hybrids often retain the energetic, affectionate nature of the breed. They thrive on human interaction and crave attention. Their curiosity and intelligence make them engaging pets.

With proper care and training, Siamese mixes make endearing and entertaining companions. Their vocal tendencies need management but otherwise they adapt well as indoor cats. If you enjoy an affectionate and lively feline friend, a Siamese mix can make a great pet.

siamese cat mix
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How To Tell Whether Your Cat Is Part Siamese?

Appearance – Siamese cats typically have a wedge-shaped head, large ears, and striking blue eyes. They often have tan or cream-colored fur with darker “points” (face, ears, legs, tail). If your cat has some of these features, it may be part Siamese.

Vocalizations – Siamese cats are very vocal and known for their loud, raspy “meow” sounds. If your cat is especially talkative and has a scratchy meow, it could be part Siamese.

Personality – Siamese tend to be active, social, affectionate, and highly intelligent. They often bond very closely with their owners. If your cat displays these traits, it may have some Siamese lineage.

Check the tail – Purebred Siamese has a long, thin tail. A short, thicker tail indicates mixed breeding.

Look at the coat pattern – Traditional Siamese have a light-colored body with darker points. If your cat’s coat doesn’t follow this pattern, it’s likely a mixed breed.

Examine the eyes – Pure Siamese has vivid blue eyes. If your cat has other eye colors like green or yellow, it is probably not fully Siamese.

Review breed history – If you adopted your cat from a shelter or breeder, ask if they have any knowledge about its origins. Specific breed information can help determine Siamese ancestry.

Consider genetic testing – Cat DNA tests like Basepaws can check for Siamese breed markers if you want definitive proof of ancestry.

siamese british shorthair mix
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What are the prerequisites for cat fanciers association to recognize Siamese cat breed?

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) is one of the largest and oldest registry organizations for pedigreed cats. Here are some key points about the CFA in relation to Siamese cats:

  • The CFA officially recognizes the Siamese as a breed and has breed standards for the four types of Siamese cats – Traditional, Modern, Classic, and Wedgehead.
  • Siamese cats have been registered with the CFA since its inception in 1906, making it one of the earliest recognized breeds.
  • To be registered as a Siamese with the CFA, a cat’s ancestry must be documented going back 3+ generations showing pure Siamese heritage.
  • The CFA tracks and records Siamese cat pedigrees in their breed registries. Registered Siamese can compete at CFA cat shows.
  • The CFA monitors and enforces strict breeding practices for Siamese cats to maintain the breed standards and health.
  • Popular Siamese colors and patterns recognized by the CFA include seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, tabby point, and smoke point.
  • The CFA promotes and protects the interest of Siamese breeders and owners through education, community, and legislation.
  • Overall, the CFA has played an integral role in the development, recognition, and preservation of the Siamese cat as a distinct pedigreed breed with a long, documented history.

Physical Characteristics Of Siamese Cats

Fur Color

  • Pointed pattern – lighter fur on the body with darker “points” on the face, ears, legs, paws and tail. The contrast can range from subtle to striking.
  • Traditional Siamese have a pale cream or beige coat with darker brown points. The points can also be chocolate, blue, lilac, or red.
  • The body coat is typically light but can vary from ivory to pale gray. Points vary from dark brown to chocolate or blue-gray.

Eye Color and Shape

  • Vivid blue almond-shaped eyes. The blue can range from pale sky blue to bright sapphire.
  • Kittens are born with blue eyes that remain blue throughout adulthood. Eye color is a breed hallmark.
  • Eyes are oblique in shape and slope toward the nose in harmony with the triangle wedge head.
types of siamese mix cats
siamese mix cat/ Credits: siamesecatmix

Cat Face Shape

  • Wedge-shaped head that forms a triangle between the ears tapering to a narrow, fine muzzle.
  • Straight profile and flat skull between the ears.
  • Long, straight nose in alignment with the forehead.
  • Large, wide-set ears that are pointed upright.

Cat Body Shape

  • Long, tubular, and muscular body with a slender torso.
  • Long, thin, tapering tail.
  • Legs are slender, but hind legs are slightly longer than front legs, giving the appearance of being on tip-toes.
  • Paws are small and oval-shaped.

Siamese Mix Breed Cat Temperament

Energetic and Playful Nature

Siamese cats are extremely active and energetic. They love to run, jump, climb cat trees, play fetch, and chase toys. Siamese are highly agile and nimble, able to leap gracefully to high places. This energetic spirit means they require a good amount of interactive playtime and stimulation daily.

Intelligent and Communicative

Siamese cats are highly intelligent and have an innate curiosity. They often learn tricks, open doors, and solve complex puzzles, showing their problem-solving skills. Siamese are also extremely vocal cats who “talk” constantly with owners using loud meows, yowls, and chirps to communicate their desires.

Affectionate and Bonds Strongly

Siamese form deep bonds with their owners, especially one special person. They crave attention and companionship. This strong attachment means they often suffer from separation anxiety. Siamese cat may want to be involved in family happenings and follow their owners room to room.

Demanding and Determined Nature

Siamese can be quite demanding of time, play, and affection. When bored or hungry, they will make their desires known loudly and persistently. Their intelligence and determination means they figure out how to access what they want.

Make Good Pets

Siamese tend to be highly adaptable to new environments, children, and other pets when properly socialized. They are typically very interested in visitors and new sights, though can be initially aloof with strangers.

siamese cat mixed with orange tabby
siamese cat/ Credits: siamesecatmix

Behavioral Traits of Siamese Cats

As a cat behavior specialist, I frequently get questions from clients about the unique personality quirks of the Siamese breed. These elegant yet vocal cats display a range of behaviors that reflect their active, social, and demanding temperament.


One of the first things people notice about Siamese is their tendency to be extremely vocal. Siamese cats use a broad repertoire of loud meows, yowls, and chirps to communicate their needs and desires. Their voices have been described as raspy, nasal, or resembling a baby crying. This persistent vocalization comes from their social nature and need for attention.

Velcro Cat

In my consultations, clients often describe their Siamese as “Velcro cats” due to their craving for constant human interaction. Siamese form intense bonds and follow their owners from room to room, demanding attention.

They thrive on play, cuddles, conversation, and being involved in family happenings. When deprived of desired attention, some Siamese may engage in attention-seeking behaviors like repetitive meowing, biting, or destructive scratching.


The high intelligence of the Siamese breed also translates into their behaviors. These curious cats learn tricks quickly, solve puzzle toys, and figure out how to open doors or cabinets.

Without enough mental stimulation, some Siamese cats can become bored and destructive. I advise siamese parent to provide ample play opportunities and interactive toys to match their active minds.


Siamese are also known for their possessive, jealous streak. They bond strongly with one special person and can be wary of strangers. Proper socialization helps mitigate this. Due to their attachment and high energy, Siamese do best in active households that can dedicate time to interact with these charming yet demanding felines.

With the right environment and handling, Siamese can be a delightful albeit vocal companion. Let me know if you have any other questions!

siamese mixes
siamese cat mix breeds/ Credits: siamesecatmix

The Best Cat Food For Feline Diet

When it comes to the best diet for cats, there are some key fundamentals to follow, whether your cat is a purebred Siamese or a mixed breed containing some Siamese ancestry. Here are my top tips as a veterinarian for optimizing any cat’s diet:

  • High-protein, low-carb – Cats are obligate carnivores requiring a diet of quality animal-based proteins. Look for canned or dry foods featuring real meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient. Avoid fillers like corn, wheat or soy.
  • Moderate fat – Cats do well with around 20-30% fat in their diet. Higher fat supports an active Siamese cat’s energy needs. Choose foods listing a named fat source, like chicken fat versus generic “animal fat”.
  • Limit carbohydrates – Cats have minimal carbohydrate requirements, so grain-free or low-grain foods are ideal. Excess carbs can lead to obesity and diabetes.
  • Hydration is key – Feed wet food as all or part of the diet. The high moisture content supports hydration, which is especially important for Siamese prone to urinary issues.
  • Supplement if needed – Consult your vet about omega-3s or glucosamine supplements if your cat has joint issues or skin/coat concerns.
  • Feed set meals – Leave dry food out at all times but divide wet food into 2-3 fed meals rather than free-feeding. This prevents overeating.

21 Types Of Siamese Cats Mixes 

Siamese kittens come in various combinations, like Abyssinian Siamese Mix and Siamese British Shorthair Mix. Here is a comprehensive list of the different varieties. 

Abyssinian Siamese Mix

This cat has a short, dense ticked coat that comes in shades of red, brown or blue. It is a highly energetic breed that needs ample playtime and environmental enrichment daily. They bond strongly with their owners and can be quite vocal when seeking attention.

American Shorthair Siamese Mix

This shorthair cat has a medium-length plush coat that comes in many solid colors like blue, black, red, cream. They are easygoing, calm cats that enjoy affection from their families. They are devoted companions that become very attached to their owners.

Bengal Siamese Mix

This cat has a thick, luxurious spotted or marbled coat resembling that of a leopard. They are extremely energetic and athletic, needing interactive games and stimulation. This breed is highly intelligent and forms intense bonds with their human families.

Birman Siamese Mix

This mix has a long, silky coat that can be pointed or in a variety of color patterns. They are gentle, calm cats that enjoy being pampered and petted. They do not like being left alone for long periods and need companionship.

Burmese Siamese Mix

This cat has a short, sleek, satiny coat in rich sepia brown shades. They are affectionate, easygoing cats that thrive when kept engaged with human interaction and playtime. This breed forms close attachments with their owners.

Egyptian Mau Siamese Mix

This mix has a short, sleek spotted coat in silver, bronze or smoky grey shades. They are a highly active breed requiring ample daily exercise and playtime. They form deep bonds with their owners and do not like solitary confinement.

Manx Siamese Mix

This cat can have varying coat lengths from short to long, with or without the signature Manx tail. They are outgoing, playful cats devoted to their human families. This breed needs interactive playtime and environmental enrichment.

Orange Tabby Siamese Mix

This point Siamese cat mix has the classic orange mackerel tabby or blotched tabby coat pattern. They are highly affectionate, outgoing cats that become very attached to their owners. Mental stimulation and playtime help keep this breed engaged and entertained.

Siamese Black Cat Mix

This cat has a short, dense black coat. They crave companionship and interaction with their owners. This breed is highly intelligent, vocal, and opinionated. They thrive on mental stimulation.

Siamese Bobcat Mix

This exotic hybrid has a short, dense, bobcat-marked coat in tawny, grey or brown. They are energetic, athletic cats needing ample exercise and enrichment. This breed is very clever and can be trained to perform tricks.

Siamese British Shorthair Mix

This mix has a plush, dense coat in solid color patterns like blue, lilac, cream. They are typically calm, easygoing cats that enjoy lounging with their families. This breed forms close attachments and demands affection from their owners.

Siamese Calico Mix

This cat has the signature calico coat pattern in patched red, black and white. They tend to be lively, playful cats that enjoy interactive games and toys. This breed thrives when kept engaged and entertained by its owners.

Siamese Domestic Shorthair Mix

This mix can vary in coat type and color but often has some pointed Siamese traits. They are vocal, outgoing cats that become strongly bonded with their owners. This breed needs companionship and does not thrive when left alone.

Siamese Himalayan Mix

This cat has a long, silky coat with colorpoint patterns in seal, chocolate, lilac or flame. They are gentle, quiet cats that enjoy being pampered and petted. This breed forms deep attachments with their owners and families.

Maine Coon Siamese Mix

This breed has a medium-long shaggy coat in many colors like tortie, bicolor. They are energetic, playful cats devoted to their owners. This mix needs daily playtime, exercise and environmental enrichment to stay happy.

Siamese Persian Mix

This mix has a long, silky flowing coat needing daily grooming. They are typically calm, laidback cats that enjoy lounging on laps getting petted. This breed thrives on affection and companionship from their owners.

Siamese Russian Blue Mix

This cat has a short plush blue coat. They are highly intelligent, curious cats needing ample mental stimulation. This breed bonds intensely with their owners and does not like being frequently left alone.

Snowshoe Siamese Mix

This mix has a medium-length coat with colorpoint patterns and white feet. They are playful, energetic cats that love interactive games and toys. This breed is highly attached to their owners and craves attention and companionship.

Siamese Tabby Mix

This cat has a striped tabby coat that can be mackerel, classic or spotted pattern. They are lively, engaging cats that need daily playtime and environmental enrichment. This breed thrives when kept active and entertained.

Siamese Tortie Mix

This mix has a medium coat with the patchwork tortoiseshell pattern in red, cream and black. They tend to have outgoing, high-energy personalities. This breed is very devoted and attached to their human families.

Siamese Tuxedo Cat Mix

This cat has a black and white tuxedo-style coat. They are affectionate, playful cats that form close bonds with their owners. This breed enjoys attention, companionship and interactive playtime daily.

mix siamese cat
siamese mix cat/ Credits: siamesecatmix

Does A Cat Ancestry Test Reveal Whether Your Cat Is Part Siamese?

Yes, a cat ancestry or DNA test can reveal if your cat is part Siamese. These tests analyze your cat’s genetic profile to detect breed markers passed down through ancestry.

Some popular cat DNA tests that detect Siamese heritage include:

  • Basepaws CatKit – Screens for regional origins and breeds back to great-grandparents. Checks for key genetic markers of Siamese ancestry.
  • Wisdom Panel – Screens for breed mix detection and traits. Looks for Siamese genetic signatures including pointed coat and blue eyes.
  • Cat DNA ID – Tests for breed identification going back 3+ generations. Screens for Oriental breed markers including Siamese, Balinese, and Javanese.
  • Feline Breed ID – Uses SNP genotyping to detect breed markers. Confirms Siamese heritage through unique genetic variants.
  • Optimal Selection – Breed detection back 5 generations. Identifies key alleles and phenotypes specific to Siamese cats.

Siamese Mix Cat Breeders 

Here are a few reputable breeders that can help you find a Siamese Cat Mix – 

  • Carolina Blues Cattery – Formally from New York, Carolina Blues Cattery has been breeding Siamese cats for over 17 years. They offer loving cats raised in their home cattery.
  • Tresor Cats – This reputable breeder from Northern California offers Siamese cats from premium bloodlines. They are TICA, CFA, and CFF registered. 
  • Rosebud’s Siamese – This in-home cattery believes in producing purebred Siamese cats. If you are lucky, you may find a Siamese mix. 

FAQs on Mixed Siamese Cats

How do I know if my cat has a Siamese heritage?

Look for pointed coloration, a tail that narrows to a fine tip, large ears, blue eyes, and a very vocal personality. Your vet can help confirm through genetic testing. Siamese mixes often retain some mix of these traits.

What is the personality of a Siamese mix cat?

Siamese mixes tend to be vocal, energetic, affectionate, and highly bonded with their owners. They are intelligent and crave interaction and companionship. Their personality can vary depending on the breed they are crossed with.

What do Siamese mix cats look like?

Appearance can vary greatly depending on the other breed in the mix. They may have pointed coat colors, blue eyes, large ears, slim bodies, and wedge-shaped heads. The coat can be short, medium, or long in many colors like seal, flame, chocolate, red, cream.

How much is a Siamese mix cat?

Siamese mix kittens typically cost $100-$600 depending on the breeder and other breed in the mix. Rare mixes like Bengal Siamese can cost $1000+. Adopting a Siamese mix from a shelter is less, around $50-$100.

How do you identify a Siamese cat?

Pointed coat coloration, vivid blue eyes, large wide-set ears, long tubular body, wedge-shaped head, tail tapering to a fine tip, very vocal personality. Genetic testing can help confirm Siamese heritage.

Do all Siamese mix cats have blue eyes?

No, not all Siamese mixes have blue eyes. Some may inherit other eye colors from the breeds they are mixed with. But blue or aqua eyes are common in Siamese mix cats.

Are Siamese mix cats good pets?

Yes, Siamese mixes make very good pets for the right owners. They are affectionate, playful, intelligent, and bond strongly with their families. But they require a lot of attention, interaction, and mental stimulation to thrive.

What is the most expensive breed of cat?

Currently, the Ashera cat is the most expensive breed, costing $22,000-$100,000. More common high-end breeds like the Savannah can cost $10,000+. Bengals and Sphinx can cost $5000+.

What is the temperament of a Siamese cat mix?

Energetic, vocal, affectionate, intelligent, outgoing, attached to owners, playful, craves attention and companionship. But can vary depending on the other breed traits. Proper training and stimulation is important for a stable temperament.

What would a Siamese and tabby mix look like?

Pointed tabby pattern, vivid blue or aqua eyes, vocal personality. Coat colors could include seal lynx point, chocolate tabby point, flame mackerel tabby point. They often have a distinctive “M” marking on forehead.

Are Siamese mix cats hypoallergenic?

No, Siamese mix cats are not hypoallergenic. No cat breed is truly hypoallergenic as all cats produce allergens in their saliva, urine, and dander. But some mixes like Siamese Oriental Shorthair may produce less dander.

Can two Siamese cats live together?

Yes, two Siamese cats can live together if properly introduced and bonded. Siamese tend to be social and do well with other cats. Littermates or cats raised together often form close bonds. Monitor play to ensure it doesn’t become aggressive.

Are Siamese mix cats mean?

No, Siamese mixes are not inherently mean. With proper socialization and care they can be very friendly and affectionate. Understimulated, anxious, or declawed Siamese mixes may act out with vocalization or destructive behavior. But this is not true meanness.

Are Siamese mix cats good pets?

Yes, Siamese mixes make excellent pets for owners who can meet their high activity needs with plenty of play, mental stimulation, and attention. They form very close bonds and thrive when kept engaged. Their affectionate nature makes them wonderful companions.

Are Siamese Mix Cats Rare?

Purebred Siamese are common, but Siamese mixed with other breeds are rarer depending on the mix. Unique mixes like Siamese Ocicat or Siamese Bengal can be hard to find. But more common mixes like Siamese tabby are not considered rare.

How long do siamese mix cats live?

Siamese mix cats typically live 15-20 years with proper care, indoor lifestyle, and early health screening.

How do Siamese cats usually fare in households with other pets?

Siamese tend to do well with other pets, including dogs, if properly introduced and socialized. But they may get jealous of other pets taking the attention of their owner. They should be monitored to ensure play does not become aggressive.

What are the best breed mixes with Siamese cats?

Some great Siamese mixes include: Siamese and Balinese for a social, vocal cat; Siamese and Abyssinian for an energetic, playful cat; Siamese and Ragdoll for an affectionate, laidback cat; Siamese and Bengal for an exotic, intelligent cat.

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