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What Is A Red Ragdoll Cat: Complete Breed Review

A Red Ragdoll, also known as a Flame Point or Ginger Ragdoll, has distinctive orange points on the face, ears, legs, tail, and feet. This fiery coloring contrasted against their white fur gives Red Ragdolls an eye-catching appearance.

True to their breed, Red Ragdolls have characteristic blue eyes. They are prized for their mild, calm temperament and affectionate nature.

The vibrant reddish hue of their fur resembles a flaming fire, hence the nickname Flame Point Ragdoll. Their bright coloration and laidback personality make them popular among Ragdoll enthusiasts and cat lovers.

red ragdoll cat
red ragdoll cat/ Credits: soltheredragdoll
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Red Ragdoll Cat Genetics

Genes for red fur and color points determine the Red Ragdoll Cat’s unique color.

The O Gene For Red Fur

The O gene gives the Red Ragdoll Cat its red fur. This gene is on the X chromosome and controls pheomelanin, a red pigment in the fur. All boy cats with this gene have red fur. 

Girl cats need two of these genes to get red fur. The O gene plays a big part in your Red Ragdoll Cat’s physical appearance!

The Cs Gene For Color Points

The Cs gene for adorable color points is a key part of the Ragdoll cat genetic mutation. It is a recessive gene, meaning the cat must have two copies to show the traits. 

This gene gives rise to point coloration in cats. The cat’s body will be pale, while its ears, face, tail, and feet will have dark colors. The red lynx point bicolor variant in Ragdoll cats is tied with the Cs gene for color points. 

In this color pattern, you can see how genes affect a cat’s coat. It sets apart Ragdolls from other cat breed types by giving them distinct colors.

red ragdoll cats
the red ragdoll cats/ Credits: soltheredragdoll

Red Ragdoll Master Breed Overview

Red Ragdoll Cat Temperament

The Red Ragdoll Cats are calm and easygoing. They are friendly cats that love to be around people. Red Ragdolls have a gentle personality, making them great with kids and other pets.

They love to play but also enjoy quiet time. These cats like being held and cuddled, showing their affectionate side. Their smart minds make training difficulty an easier task for owners.

The friendly character of Red Ragdoll Cats makes them ideal for families or single pet owners seeking a companion cat.

RedPoint Ragdoll Training

RedPoint Ragdolls are obedient and are a joy to train. When training these cats, one popular method is CPR, which stands for Clicker, Positive Reinforcement, and Reward.

This technique involves using a clicker to mark desired behaviors and rewarding the cat with treats or praise. RedPoint Ragdolls respond well to this type of training.

By using positive reinforcement and rewards, you can effectively teach your RedPoint Ragdoll commands and cat tricks. 

Ragdoll Red Hair Size, Height, And Body Weight

Ragdoll cat’s physical characteristics include large size and impressive body weight. They can weigh between 10 and 20 pounds, making them quite substantial.

Female Ragdolls reach their full weight at a slightly smaller size than males. Adult Ragdolls typically measure 23-28cm in height when fully grown. Average-size adult Ragdoll has a heavy-boned appearance. 

Ragdolls come in various coat pattern colors, including red. If you want a big and beautiful cat with red hair, the Ragdoll might be the perfect choice for you!

Ragdoll Red Cat Exercise Requirement

Ragdoll cats, including red Ragdolls, have minimal exercise requirements. They don’t need a lot of physical activity or rambunctious playtime. They are happy to lounge around the house and enjoy cuddles with their owners.

While playful, they are not overly active like some other breeds of cats. Providing them with interactive exercises and a playing area will maintain their overall health traits and well-being.

Ragdolls are adaptable to different environments. They make a perfect companion cat for those looking for a relaxed and playful feline.

Red Ragdoll Cat Grooming Tips And Cleaning

Red Ragdoll cats have semi-long-haired fur that requires regular grooming and cleaning. Here are some important breed characteristics to know:

  1. Brushing: Red Ragdolls need frequent brushing to prevent mats or tangles in their fur.
  2. Coat Maintenance: Regular grooming is necessary to keep their silky, plush coat looking its best.
  3. Nail Trimming: Besides brushing, they only require regular nail trimming.
  4. Ear Cleaning: Red Ragdolls also benefit from routine ear cleaning to keep their ears healthy.
  5. Shedding: Their plush coat sheds moderately but not excessively.
  6. Seasonal Shedding: Red Ragdolls may have seasonal shedding, where they shed more hair follicles during certain times of the year.
red ragdolls
red ragdolls/ Credits: soltheredragdoll

Various Red Ragdoll Cat Colors And Patterns

Red Ragdoll cats come in various colors and patterns, including red lynx point, red mitted, red cream, and red and white.

Red Lynx Point Ragdoll

The red lynx point Ragdoll is a special type of Red Ragdoll Cat. It has a unique tabby pattern combined with the red color. These cats have beautiful white bodies that contrast with their red-orange points.

Red lynx point Ragdolls can be found in all three traditional Ragdoll patterns: bicolor, colorpoint, and mitted. Their coloring results from sex-linked color inheritance.

It means that male red Ragdolls are more common than females. Besides their striking looks, these cats have gentle and curious natures.

Red-Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Red-mitted Ragdoll cats are a specific type of cat with a beautiful red color and a mitted pattern. They have a stunning appearance and gentle temperament. 

The mitted Ragdolls refer to having white paws or the appearance of mittens on their front legs. These cats are often called “flame points” due to their fiery red fur. 

Red mitted Ragdolls make excellent family pets; they are friendly, affectionate, and great with children. The red-mitted Ragdoll might be perfect if you want a striking and sweet-natured cat!

Red Cream Ragdoll Cat

Red cream Ragdoll cats, or flame point Ragdolls, are beautiful with warm milk chocolate brown ears, paws, tails, and faces. They have a red or cream overlay on their base color.

These cats are among the six recognized colors for this adorable breed with silky, long fur. The Red cream Ragdolls have friendly and amazing personalities that make them wonderful pets.

Red And White Ragdoll Cat

Red and white Ragdoll cats are a beautiful color variation within the Ragdoll breed of cat. These cats have long and silky fur. One distinguishing feature is their striking blue eye color.

They have a white body coat with patches or red markings. Red and white body coat Ragdolls are friendly and gentle, making them wonderful companions.

ragdoll cat red
ragdoll cat red/ Credits: soltheredragdoll

Ragdoll Red Cat Health Issues

Ragdolls are generally healthy cats but can have common health issues. Heart disease ( Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy ) and polycystic kidney disease (PKD) are health conditions that Ragdolls may be prone to.

Dental Problems

Ragdoll cats can have dental problems, just like people do. These problems include tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Tartar build-up is also a common issue for Ragdolls.

Take care of your cat’s teeth by brushing them regularly and taking them for a health check. If left untreated, dental problems can get worse and even lead to tooth loss.

Regular brushing, professional cleanings, and good oral hygiene will prevent dental problems from developing or progressing.


Ragdolls, like many house cats, can have excessive weight gain. This is a big concern for this breed because obesity can lead to other health conditions like diabetes. 

Ensure Ragdoll cats maintain a healthy weight to prevent these problems. One way to do this is by providing them with appropriate feline food portions so they don’t overeat. 

Obesity in Ragdoll cats can also cause joint issues, Hip Dysplasia, and other health problems. Keep an eye on their weight gain and ensure they stay at a healthy size.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a kidney disease that cats can inherit from their parents. It causes the growth of multiple fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. 

This medical condition is common in domestic cat breeds like Persians and Ragdolls, including Red Ragdoll Cats. The prevalence of PKD in Ragdolls is less than 3%. 

PKD can lead to kidney failure, making it the most common inherited cause of this problem. Cat owners must know this condition and work with their veterinarians to manage it effectively.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a common health problem in cats, including red Ragdoll cats. It can cause pain and difficulty during urination. 

When cats have UTIs, their urine cultures may show the presence of bacteria and pyuria. One common bacteria that can cause UTIs in cats is Escherichia coli. 

A cat with bladder stones may also be more prone to developing UTIs. A qualified health care provider often prescribes antibiotics to treat UTIs in cats. Address UTIs promptly to prevent discomfort and potential complications for our feline friends.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a common gastrointestinal disorder that affects Ragdoll cats. It involves chronic inflammation in the digestive system, particularly in the intestines.

This condition is believed to be an autoimmune disease. The immune system mistakenly attacks the tissues of the digestive tract.

Cats with IBD may experience stomach issues like chronic diarrhea and frequent vomiting.  They may also lose weight over time. Possible causes of IBD in cats include bacterial infection and parasitic infestation.

Treatment options for IBD often involve changes in dietary requirements, medication to reduce inflammation, and antibiotics or deworming medications. In severe cases of end-stage inflammatory bowel disease, euthanasia may be considered a humane option.

red point ragdoll cat
red point ragdoll cat/ Credits: soltheredragdoll

Places To Find Red Point Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Finding Red Point Ragdoll kittens for sale can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. One option is to contact Ragdoll breeders who specialize in breeding Flame Point Ragdoll kittens.

They may have Red Point Ragdolls available or be able to refer you to someone who does. Here are a few reputable breeders to consider:

Check online platforms and websites connecting potential buyers with reputable breeders. These platforms often provide detailed information about the availability of Red Point Ragdoll kittens. 

Platforms like GoKitty and Adopt A Pet can help you get Red Ragdolls online. Attending cat shows or contacting local cat clubs can help you find Red Point Ragdoll Kitten for sale. You can also search at the below rescues or animal shelters.

Red Ragdoll Cat: Pros And Cons

The Red Ragdoll Cat has many traits that make it a desirable pet. But like all breeds, it also has its cons.

Their social and outgoing nature makes them great for families.These cats can be quite demanding, often requiring a fair amount of attention.
These cats have super-soft, fluffy coats and striking blue eyes.Red Ragdoll Cats require regular maintenance and grooming due to their long fur.
They have a calm and friendly temperament, proving to be ideal companions.They may develop potential health problems like polycystic kidney disease and urinary tract infections.
Red Ragdoll Cats are patient with children and known for their gentle playfulness.Despite their calm nature, they may react negatively to sudden changes or loud noises.

Is The Red Ragdoll Cat Right For Me?

The Red Ragdoll Cat might be a good choice if you consider getting a pet. Flame Point Ragdolls or Cream Point Ragdolls have a unique and visually striking coloration.

They are affectionate pets. However, before deciding, do thorough research. Consider basic grooming requirements, health traits, and how well their temperament fits your lifestyle.

red point ragdoll cat
red point ragdoll cat/ Credits: soltheredragdoll

Red Point Ragdoll Cats – FAQ

What Is The Biggest Difference Between Red Point Ragdoll Cats And Flame Point Ragdoll Cats?

Red point Ragdoll cats and flame point Ragdoll cats are the same thing. They both refer to orange-colored Ragdoll cats. 

The term “flame” in flame point Ragdolls comes from the similarity of their color to that of a candle flame. Both types of cats have darker color extremities, known as color points. 

This means that their ears, faces, paws, and tails are darker than the rest of their body. The red or orange color in these cats is caused by the “red gene.” 

Do Red Point Ragdolls Come In Lipstick Red?

Redpoint Ragdolls can come in a deep orange-red coloring, often called “lipstick red.” This color is seen on their points, which include their ears, faces, tails, and paws.

It gives them a beautiful, vibrant look that distinguishes them from other Ragdoll cats. The red point Ragdoll is perfect if you want a striking and unique feline companion in a reddish hue!

Can Ragdolls Be Orange?

Yes, Ragdolls can be orange. They are often referred to as red or flame-point Ragdolls. An orange tabby Ragdoll cat is technically a red or cream Ragdoll with a lynx coat variation.

This variation creates the characteristic orange or red coloration on the points in a red Ragdoll. The points of a red Ragdoll have a deep orange-red coloring, often described as bright apricot.

Are Red Point Ragdolls Born Red?

Redpoint Ragdoll cats are not necessarily born red. Their color develops and intensifies as they grow. They start with a lighter shade of orange, gradually becoming deeper and more vibrant.

This unique coloration is one of the reasons why red point Ragdolls are highly sought after. So, although they may not be born red, their striking orange-red coloring is worth waiting for!

How Can You Recognize A Red Point Ragdoll?

Redpoint Ragdoll cats are easily recognizable by their unique coloring. These cats have lighter color bodies with vibrant red points on their ears, faces, paws, and tails. 

Their striking feature is the deep orange-red coloration on these points. Redpoint Ragdolls also have blue eyes and coral pink noses, adding to their distinct appearance. 

Can Red Point Ragdolls Change Color?

Redpoint Ragdolls, or flame point Ragdolls, do not typically change color as they age. Their distinct deep orange-red coloration on their points, resembling a bright apricot, remains consistent.

Unlike other Ragdoll cats, who may experience color variations as they age, red point Ragdolls maintain their vibrant hue. 

How Does A Red Point Ragdoll Change Color When Its Temperature Is High?

Redpoint Ragdoll cats can change color when their skin temperature is high. Their genetic code determines this color change, specifically the O gene for red fur and the Cs gene for color points.

When their temperature rises due to environmental changes or physical activity, they experience a temporary change in fur color. This change is more noticeable in their extremities.

They will return to their original color once their temperature decreases. Don’t worry if your red point Ragdoll cat looks different when it’s hot – it’s how they regulate body temperature!

How Does A Red Point Ragdoll Change Color When Its Temperature Is Low?

Redpoint Ragdoll cats have a unique trait – their color shade can change when the temperature gets low. When their body temperature drops, their coat experience deeper shades.

This change is likely a result of their body’s reaction to temperature variations. Redpoint Ragdolls have fiery orange coats. This temperature-dependent color alteration adds an interesting variation to their overall appearance.

Are Red Point Ragdolls Darker In Color If They Are Fat?

Redpoint Ragdoll cats can appear darker in color with excessive weight gain. This is because excess fatty tissue can affect the pigmentation of their fur, resulting in a darker hue.

Becoming overweight poses serious health risks for Ragdolls and should be avoided. Obesity can lead to various health problems and decrease the cat’s overall quality of life. Proper nutrition and regular exercise maintain a healthy weight for your Redpoint Ragdoll cat.

Will Red Point Ragdoll Cats Change Color Over The Course Of Their Lives?

Yes, red point Ragdoll cats can change color throughout their lives. The color change is not permanent and is influenced by temperature. Their genetic code determines this color change. Redpoint Ragdolls experience changes in their fur color as they grow older due to heat or cold.

What Do Old Red Point Ragdolls Look Like?

Old red point Ragdolls have a deep orange-red coloring on the points of their coat. They also have beautiful blue eyes, just like all Ragdolls.

The red point Ragdoll cats may have different shapes of blue eyes. There is another type called Flame Point Ragdolls. They are red point Ragdolls with red and orange spots on their coat.

Do All Red Point Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

All purebred Ragdoll cats, including red point Ragdolls, have bright blue eyes. This is one of the distinctive features of this breed standard. 

The specific eye color for the Red Lynx Point pattern is also blue. Ragdolls have beautiful coat colors, patterns and large size and deep blue eyes.

Are Red Point Ragdolls More Active Than Other Ragdoll Cats?

Redpoint Ragdolls are not necessarily more active than other Ragdoll cats. While each cat has its personality, Ragdolls are generally calm and friendly.

They enjoy spending time with their owners and are often content to relax and cuddle. That being said, all cats need regular exercise to stay healthy, including red point Ragdolls.

Can Red Point Ragdolls Also Be Lynx?

Yes, red point Ragdolls can also be lynx! Lynx point coloration in Ragdolls refers to a pale body with darker shading on the ears, face, legs, and tail. 

So if a point Ragdoll has these darker markings, it can be considered a lynx point. They will have a combination of beautiful red or orange coloration and a distinctive lynx point pattern.

Is Orange A Recognized Ragdoll Cat Color?

Yes, orange is a recognized Ragdoll Cat color. Orange Ragdoll cats have a red or cream base coat coloring. The orange color is associated with the red point gene. 

This gene gives them a flame-like hue on their points, which are the ears, tail, face mask, and paws. Besides their unique color, orange Ragdoll cats can also have lynx patterning or bicolor markings. According to the breed standard, the orange color variation is valid.

Do Red Ragdoll Cats Make Good Family Pets?

Red Ragdoll Cats, or Flame Point Ragdoll Cats, make excellent family pets. They are large and long-bodied cats with a docile personality and friendly nature.

These cats get along well with people and can adapt to apartment living. Red Ragdolls are social and affectionate, which makes them a perfect companion animal for children. They love cuddling and can be easily trained. 

Do Red Ragdoll Cats Shed A Lot?

Red Ragdoll Cats do shed, but the amount of shedding can vary between cats. Regular brushing manages their shedding and prevents their fur from getting tangled or matted.

Despite the shedding, many owners find that owning a Red Ragdoll’s benefits outweigh the required hair maintenance. These cats’ affectionate nature makes them a popular choice among cat lovers.

Are Red Ragdolls Hypoallergenic?

Red Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic cats. Despite some breeders falsely advertising them as hypoallergenic, all cats have the potential to cause reactions in people with allergies. 

Ragdolls may be better for people with allergies due to a lack of undercoat. They can still trigger allergies because of their saliva’s “Fel d 1” protein. People with allergies must know that Red Ragdolls might cause allergic symptoms.

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