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What Is The Apple Airtag Cat Collar? Is It Any Good?

The Apple AirTag Cat Collar is a small tracking device that uses Bluetooth technology to help you locate your belongings. It can be the perfect solution for keeping tabs on your adventurous kitty.

While the AirTag isn’t intended to be a pet-tracking device, you can use it as one. It may not always work as desired as it is explicitly designed for stationary objects.

Apple does not recommend it for pets for safety reasons. Alternatives can be used that are designed keeping pets in mind. 

Read on to learn more about how this innovative gadget works. Find whether or not it’s worth considering for your feline friend.

airtag cat collar
airtag cat collar/ Credits: cheshireandwain

How Does The AirTag Work?

The AirTag is a tiny, coin-shaped device. It sends out signals that your iPhone can pick up. This helps you find lost things. You must pair it with your iPhone first, though. 

Then, it talks to the phone using Bluetooth. The AirTag also makes an audible sound to help you track down your stuff if they are nearby but hidden from view.

AirTags Use Bluetooth, Not Wi-Fi

AirTags use Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi. They send safe signals that close devices can pick up in the Find My system. These tags do not hook to Wi-Fi or use GPS to track things.

Their Bluetooth IDs change often for safety reasons and stop tracking from one place to another. AirTag is a Bluetooth-powered device and will not connect to Wi-Fi networks.

AirTag Real-Time Location Accuracy

The AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal. Nearby devices in the Find My network can pick up this signal. This helps find where the AirTag is. Yet, it isn’t always spot-on outdoors with cats.

In tests, the AirTag’s real-time location was quite off track outside. It works better indoors, though. So, if your cat likes staying inside a lot, an AirTag might work well for you.

Is The AirTag Worth Buying For Cats?

The AirTag is not the best fit for cats. It’s not made to track pets. There are risks if you put it on cat collars. Some people say it works well for them, but others have problems.

The bad thing is that its GPS limit is only 164 ft. And there’s no real-time distance tracking either, unlike other pet trackers. Apple even says don’t use it for pets! 

cat airtag collar
cat airtag collar/ Credits: cheshireandwain
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Advantages Of The Airtag For Cats

The Airtag for Cats offers a GPS location with devices in range of up to 164 feet. It eliminates the worry of losing your furry friend nearby.

A GPS Location Whose Range Is Limited To 164 Ft.

The Apple AirTag has a GPS location feature, but it has a limited distance of 164 feet (50 meters). If your cat goes beyond this range, you won’t be able to track their exact location using the AirTag.

While the AirTag can find your cat within this range, it may not be suitable if it wanders further away. Other cat tracking devices have larger ranges and more accurate pet location data.

A Lack Of Real-Time GPS Tracking

The Airtag for cats does not have real-time GPS tracking. You won’t be able to see your cat’s location in real time on your phone. 

The Airtag uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your iPhone and provide you with the approximate location of your cat.

It relies on other people’s iPhones nearby to update its location on the Find My app. It can give you a general idea of where your cat is, but it may not be as precise or up-to-date.

A Lack Of Expensive Accessories

The Apple AirTag for cats does not require expensive accessories. Unlike other pet trackers, you don’t need to purchase additional cat collars or harnesses.

You can easily attach the lightweight device to your cat’s collar. This makes tracking your furry friend without breaking the bank.

Disadvantages Of AirTag

AirTags pose a credible health risk for your cat, have limited distance range, and weren’t built with cats in mind. 

Discover the potential drawbacks of using an AirTag as a cat tracker. Know why it might not be the best option for your feline friends.

AirTags Pose A Credible Health Risk For Your Cat

Using AirTags on your cat can pose a serious health risk. One of the main concerns is the potential for battery leakage. 

If the AirTag’s battery leaks, it can release harmful chemicals. They could harm your cat if ingested or come into contact with their skin.

If battery leak increases, it can lead to burns, irritation, and even poisoning. There is also a risk of choking or strangulation if the AirTag gets caught on something while your cat is roaming around.

Prioritize your cat’s safety and consider alternative options for tracking pets without these potential risks.

AirTags Provide Limited Tracking Range For Your Cat

AirTags can be used to track personal items like keys or wallets. However, they have a limited range when tracking your cat. 

This can be a significant limitation if your cat wanders far from home. 

AirTags Weren’t Built With Cats In Mind

AirTags weren’t made specifically for cats or pets. Apple does not recommend them for tracking animals. No advanced features are available for using AirTags on a cat’s collar.

Apple does not support the use of AirTags for pet tracking. Consider other options specifically for pet geolocation and safety to track your cat.

airtag collar for cat
airtag collar for cat/ Credits: cheshireandwain

Things To Check Before Buying A GPS

Before purchasing a GPS, consider distance limitations, real-time tracking capabilities, advanced features, and the ability to locate everyday objects.

No Distance Limitation

The GPS collar for cats and dogs offers real-time tracking with no distance limitations. This means you can track pet location regardless of how far they are from you. 

You can pinpoint their exact location, whether your cat is in the next room or miles away. It can all be done using cat collars and a cell phone network.

If your furry friend decides to adventure, you can keep tabs on them and ensure their safety. The Apple AirTag has a good battery life of around a year, so you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging it.

Tractive GPS Tracking may be a better option for tracking cats than the AirTag.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is a helpful feature offered by certain cat trackers. It lets you know your cat’s exact location at any time. 

Instead of waiting for updates, real-time tracking provides up-to-date information to find your furry friend. Tractive GPS Tracking is a popular brand that offers real-time cat tracking.

This makes locating them on an actual map easier by using GPS technology. This feature is beneficial if you have an outdoor cat or your feline friend tends to wander off frequently.

With no distance limitations, some cat trackers are suitable for all cats. They provide peace of mind, knowing you can track them in real time.

Advanced Features

The AirTag offers some additional features that can be useful for tracking your cat. One of these coolest features is to track your cat in real-time using the Find My app on your iPhone.

You can see exactly where your cat is at any moment. The AirTag has a built-in Lost Mode, which allows you to mark your cat as lost in the Find My app.

If someone else with an iPhone comes across your lost cat, they will receive a notification with instructions on how to contact you. 

Locating Everyday Objects

The Apple AirTag is primarily designed for locating everyday objects like keys and wallets. It’s a small and affordable tracking device you can attach to your belongings to find them when they go missing.

With good battery consumption, the AirTag can help you keep track of personal items in your daily life. While it may not be specifically designed for pet tracking, some people have explored using AirTags as cat trackers.

There are debates about the effectiveness of using AirTags for pets.

apple airtag cat collar
apple airtag cat collar/ Credits: cheshireandwain

Cats Alternatives For AirTag 

Are you looking for alternative options to the AirTag for tracking your cat? Here are some alternatives that you can consider:

  • Tractive: Tractive is a popular GPS tracker specifically designed for pets. It offers real-time tracking, so you can easily locate your cat anytime.
  • GPS Collars: GPS collars are another great option for tracking your cat. These collars for cats have built-in GPS technology, allowing you to track your cat’s location accurately.
  • Whistle FIT: Whistle FIT is a smart collar that tracks your cat’s location and monitors their activity levels and health.
  • Pawscout: Pawscout is a Bluetooth dedicated pet tracker. It helps you find your lost cat using a community-based network of other pet owners.
  • Tabcat: Tabcat is a lightweight and accurate RF-based tracker. It allows you to locate your cat within a range of up to 400 feet.

Is The AirTag Suitable For A Pet?

The AirTag can be suitable for pets, including cats.

  • – It can be attached to a cat’s collar using a special holder.
  • – Apple does not make the holder, but can be found online.
  • – The AirTag is lightweight and won’t bother your pet.
  • – It is less expensive than other pet tracking devices.
  • – The battery life of the AirTag lasts around a year.

Finding Your Cat Using An AirTag If She Is Further Away

If your cat is further away, the AirTag utilizes the power of millions of Apple users to help locate her.

AirTag Uses The Power Of Millions Of Apple Users

AirTag uses a large network of Apple device users to locate lost items, including your beloved cat. The AirTag sends a signal that nearby iPhones, iPads, or Macs can pick up. 

They relay the location information back to you through the Find My app. If your cat is away and out of Bluetooth range, AirTag leverages the power of millions of Apple users to locate them. 

It’s like having an extensive search party at your disposal. 

What If My Cat Isn’t Showing Up On My Find My App Map?

If your cat isn’t showing up on the Find My app map, it could be because the AirTag is out of Bluetooth range. Your cat can also be in an area with poor cellular coverage. 

The Find My app relies on Bluetooth and cellular connectivity to track the AirTag’s location. So, it won’t appear on the map if your cat is in a location without these signals.

AirTags have a limited Bluetooth range of around 100-200 feet. If your cat is further away than that, it may not be detected by the Find My app. 

Ensure that the collar and AirTag are securely attached to ensure accurate tracking. While AirTags are useful within Bluetooth range or nearby Apple devices, they may not always work reliably for cats further away.

How Lost Mode Can Help You Find Your Cat?

If your cat goes missing and you have an Apple AirTag attached to its collar, Lost Mode can be incredibly helpful.

Activating Lost Mode on the AirTag lets you track its location through the Find My app on your iPhone.

This feature utilizes the power of millions of Apple users’ devices to locate your lost pet. Someone with an iPhone or Apple device may see your cat and their AirTag.

Once they are within range of that person’s device, it will update the location information in real-time. Then you can easily find them. 

If Your Cat Is Away Too Long, AirTag Takes Things Into Its Own Hands

If your cat goes missing for an extended period, the Apple AirTag Pet Collar has a feature that can help. The AirTag uses Apple users to track and locate lost items, including pets.

It can send out a notification if your cat is away for too long. While it’s not specifically designed for cats, this feature can bring them home safely.

cat collar air tag
cat collar air tag / Credits: starkravingcat

Best Apple Airtag Holders for Cats

Cat Collar With AirTag Holder

The Cat Collar with Airtag Holder is a breakaway collar designed for cats. It features a holder that securely holds an Apple AirTag, allowing you to track your cat’s location.

The collar is adjustable to fit different cat sizes. It has a reflective strap for better visibility in low-light conditions. This collar is made of fur-friendly and non-irritating reflective nylon.

It ensures both comfort and safety for your furry friend.

Apple Air Tag Cat Collar Holder

The Airtag Cat Collar Holder is a handy accessory. It securely attaches an Apple AirTag to your cat’s or any small pet collar. Made of soft eco-friendly silicone, it protects the AirTag from damage.

It is easy to wash and clean. The holder is also waterproof and shockproof, ensuring durability even for active cats. 

A secure fit can hold the AirTag on cat collars or straps up to 1/2 inch in width. It comes in various colors and is made of durable silicone material.

Airtag Cat Collar, JXFUKAL Kitten Collar

The Airtag Cat Collar, JXFUKAL Kitten Collar, is a great option for small pets. It’s affordable and offers protection for your Apple AirTag. You can easily find this collar on Amazon.

Made with a comfy silicone design & material, these breakaway cat collars ensure safety. The collar sizes securely holds the AirTag in place and even includes a bell to locate your cat easily. 

Pack AirTag Cat Collar Holder For Apple AirTag

The Pack AirTag Cat Collar Holder is a specially designed accessory for cats and small animals. It provides a secure case for the Apple AirTag, ensuring it stays attached to your cat’s collar.

Made with pet-friendly materials, this holder is waterproof and shockproof, protecting the AirTag from damage.

With its integrated design, you won’t have to worry about losing or detaching the holder from the collar.

It comes in different colors, including glow-in-the-dark options, making it easy to spot even in low-light conditions.

Keep your cat safe and track their whereabouts with the Pack AirTag Cat Collar Holder for Apple AirTag.

Reflective AirTag Cat Collar

The Reflective AirTag Collar Cat can hold an Apple AirTag, showing effective cat tracking capabilities. Made with reflective nylon material, this collar is fur-friendly and non-irritating.

It also features a breakaway design for your cat’s safety in case it gets caught on something. The collar comes with a bell, making it easier for cat owners to locate their cats. 

Joytale 2 Pack Airtag Cat Collar Holder

Joytale offers a 2 pack Airtag cat collar holder suitable for cats. The collar holder is elastic silicone, making it lightweight and durable. 

It securely holds the Apple Airtag, protecting it from dust, dirt, scratches, and drops. And if it gets dirty, you can easily wash it. 

It comes in a sleek black color option. Joytale’s collar holder keeps your cat’s Airtag safe and secure while ensuring its comfort throughout the day.

Cat Collar Holder For Airtag 

The Cat Collar Holder for Airtag is a lightweight and secure accessory. It is designed to hold an Apple AirTag on your cat’s collar. 

It is specifically made to fit the AirTag snugly, ensuring it stays in place. The holder keeps the AirTag within 0.6 inches in diameter of your cat’s collar, providing accurate tracking capability. 

With a battery life of around a year, you can rely on this holder to keep your pet safe.

airtag cat collar holder
airtag cat collar holder/ Credits: twiggyshop


Can You Put An AirTag On A Cat’s Collar?

You can put an AirTag on a cat’s collar with a special holder. Online stores offer holders designed to securely attach an AirTag to your cat’s collar. 

Apple has stated that AirTags are not intended for tracking pets, including cats.

You can physically attach an AirTag to your cat’s collar. It may not provide the same tracking and safety adequate features as a dedicated pet tracker or devices like the Marco Polo cat tracker.

Are AirTags Good For Cats?

AirTags can be used on a cat’s collar, but some important things must be considered. Apple does not recommend using AirTags to track pets. They were not specifically designed for that purpose.

The AirTag relies on Bluetooth, and the range is limited to about 164 feet. If your cat goes beyond that range, you won’t be able to track them with the AirTag alone.

Health risks may be associated with attaching an AirTag directly to your cat’s collar. Tractive may be a better option for tracking cats since it offers real-time GPS tracking.

Would I Recommend The Apple AirTag As A Cat Tracker?

The Apple AirTag is not specifically designed to be a dedicated cat tracker but can be used for that purpose. Some cat parents have successfully used the AirTag as a pet tracking device.

Apple does not recommend using AirTags to locate pets. Other tracking devices specifically designed for cats may be more suitable.

Consider alternative tracking solutions and choose the one that ensures the safety of your furry friend.

How Well Does The Apple AirTag Pet Tracker Work?

The Apple AirTag can be used as a pet tracker for cats. It is lightweight and can easily attach to most cat collars. The AirTag has a limited range for tracking purposes and is not designed with pets in mind. 

While it may work well within its range, better options for pet tracking offer more comprehensive features and functionality.

Can You Use The Apple AirTag For Cats?

Using the Apple AirTag for cats is possible but may not be the best option. Apple does not recommend using AirTags to locate pets, including cats. 

However, you can attach an AirTag to a cat’s collar with a special holder not designed by Apple. The AirTag can track your cat within Bluetooth range or nearby Apple devices.

Are AirTags Easy To Use?

Using AirTags is quite simple. All you need to do is attach the AirTag to an item or use a special holder to attach it to your cat’s collar. 

Then, you can connect the AirTag to your iPhone using the Find My app. From there, you’ll be able to see the location of your cat on a map.

You don’t have to worry about complicated settings or configurations. The setup process is designed to be user-friendly. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you should have no trouble.

Do I Need To Have An iPhone To Use An AirTag?

To use an AirTag, you will need to have an iPhone. The AirTag works with the Find My app on your iPhone to track the location of the item or pet it is attached to.

Apple does not offer compatibility with an Android device for using AirTags. If you’re considering getting an AirTag for your cat’s collar, ensure you have an iPhone.

Are There Any Competitive Products That I Should Consider?

The Tile Mate is one option to consider when considering competitive products for cat collar tracking. This clever device provides a reliable alternative to the Apple AirTag and offers similar features.

Another notable option is the Tractive GPS pet tracker, known for its dependability in monitoring pets. These alternatives can be worth exploring if you want options beyond the Apple AirTag.

What Accessories Do I Need To Use An AirTag With My Cat?

To use an AirTag with your cat, you will need a special holder or accessory not designed by Apple. Online stores offer various options for an AirTag holder specifically designed for cats.

One popular option is the Reflective AirTag Collar Case. It is lightweight and features an anti-slip pocket to securely hold the AirTag. 

AirTag itself is just a Bluetooth tracking device similar to a Tile tracker. A collar or harness accessory is necessary to attach it securely to your furry friend.

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