Ragdoll Tabby Mix: Ultimate Guide Of This Friendly Feline

Ragdoll cats are known for their large size, affectionate personality, blue eyes and laid-back demeanor. Their popularity among cat lovers has led to years of cross-breeding with other cat breeds. One such hybrid is the Ragdoll Tabby Mix, which combines the Ragdoll with the striped Tabby cat.

Breeders started pairing Ragdolls exhibiting non-traditional coat colors with Tabbies to achieve kittens with a distinct striped pattern. The result is a cat with the gentle, friendly nature of the Ragdoll and the distinctive “M” shaped markings on the forehead and swirled stripes on the body associated with Tabbies.

The Ragdoll Tabby Mix has a soft-colored body with dark Tabby stripes and markings. This unique hybrid is still relatively rare among breeders. By crossing the placid Ragdoll with the active Tabby, the goal is to produce a cat that combines some of the best qualities of both breeds into one loving and lively pet.

Ragdoll Tabby Mix: Breed Overview 

The Ragdoll History

These American cat breeds come from a long line of large, gentle-personality cats. They have a long, plush coat that resembles those of a Himalayan cat.

This big domestic cat breed also has color-pointed coats. Their points can be in shades like blue, seal, or chocolate. Another type of Ragdoll is the Lynx kind. This special kind has an overlay pattern mixed with one of three basic patterns. The patterns include colorpoint, mitted and bicolor.

The Tabby Cat History

Tabby cats appear in many old stories and art pieces. People often think tabby is an adorable breed of cats. But this is not true. It’s a coat pattern on many cats, like the American Shorthairs or Maine Coons, with stripes and amazing markings.

The term “tabby” comes from silk made in Attabiyah. It is an area in Baghdad known for beautiful striped markings like those seen on Tabby cats today.

rag doll tabby
rag doll tabby

Ragdoll Tabby Mix Overview


Ragdoll Tabby Mixed breed cats are big cats. The size of these cats can change. It depends on how big the mom and dad cats were.

These mixed cats are bigger than normal tabby cats. Ragdolls belong to the group of largest cat breeds. Female Ragdolls weigh 9-15 pounds, and males weigh 15-20 pounds.


Ragdoll tabby mix cats have a long lifespan of 19 to 22 years. They have good health traits, contributing to their potential for a longer life.

Ragdoll cats generally have an average life expectancy of 20 years, making them one of the longer-living popular breeds. Expect many years of companionship and love if you consider adopting a Ragdoll tabby mix.


Tabby Ragdoll Kittens have an outgoing personality that makes them wonderful companions. They are gentle and friendly, just like Ragdoll cats.

They have an energetic and affable nature that resembles the friendliness of Tabby cats. These cats are docile yet lively so they can be calm and playful. With their surprising dog-like personality traits, Ragdoll Tabby Mix cats bring joy and entertainment.

Their gentle and friendly nature makes them perfect for families looking for a loving and affectionate pet.


The alluring appearance of a Ragdoll Tabby cat breed is quite striking. These cats have broad heads, short necks, and bushy, long tails. One of their most notable features is their long, silky coat in various colors and tabby patterns.

The Ragdoll Tabby mix is a color-pointed breed with darker points on its ears, face, paws, and tail. They have large body frames, with males weighing slightly more than female Ragdolls.

When picked up or held, these cats tend to go limp like a ragdoll hence the name “ragdoll.”.


Ragdoll Tabby Mix cats are intelligent and trainable. They are quick learners and can be easily trained using positive reinforcement techniques. Litter box training can begin as early as three weeks old, making them easier to potty train.

With consistent training, Ragdoll Tabby Mix cats can become more intelligent and perform tricks. Clicker training is a popular method for teaching them various commands and behaviors. Human companions can use Cat School Clicker Training Kit for best results. 

They quickly learn what is expected by rewarding them with treats or praise when they exhibit the desired behavior. Training your Ragdoll Tabby Mix stimulates their minds and strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

Exercise Requirement

Ragdoll Tabby cats don’t need high amounts of exercise. They only require around 20 minutes of exercise daily. They are not very energetic but like to play and have fun.

These cats have moderate playfulness and can enjoy interactive toys or short play sessions with their owners. Install cat trees and scratching posts to entertain them and enhance mental stimulation.

Lifelike Tabby Cat Toy and Squeak Toy Ball are a few interactive toy options. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can meet their physical activity needs without too much effort!

Grooming and Cleaning

Grooming and cleaning a Ragdoll Tabby keeps them looking their best. These cats have low-maintenance tabby coat patterns, but regular brushing minimizes matting and hairballs.

Try the Hesiry Cat Slicker Brush for effective grooming.  Cats’ deodorizing and cleansing shampoo keeps their fur clean and smelling fresh.

You can also use a deep moisturizing conditioner on occasional baths to prevent dry skin. Vet’s Best Waterless Shampoo is a popular pick for cat owners. TropiClean Oxymed Cat Shampoo & Conditioner is another great recommendation. 

Ragdoll Tabby mixes shed quite a lot due to their long hair. So be prepared for some extra vacuuming around the house! Keeping your affable kitty clean and well-groomed makes it look good. It helps them feel comfortable and lead healthy lives.

tabby ragdoll
tabby ragdoll

Do Any Cat Associations Recognize Them?

Major cat associations like TICA or the CFA do not recognize the Tabby Ragdoll Kittens. This means that they are not considered an official breed. You will need official papers or DNA testing from a reputable breeder to determine if a cat is a purebred Ragdoll.

Ragdoll mixes have some ancestry with Ragdoll cats but are not considered purebred. While Ragdoll Tabby mix kittens may be available for sale, breeders may not have the same breeding standards.

Regulations followed by an ethical breeder of purebred Ragdolls may not be followed during the breeding of these Tabby mixes. 

Various Ragdoll Tabby Mix Coat Colors and Types

Orange Tabby Ragdoll Cat

Orange Tabby Ragdoll Cats are beloved for their beautiful fur, red or cream with an orange hue. Their plush coat can come in shades like black, brown, gray, white, and cream.

These cats have a lively yet docile personality that makes them wonderful companions. They are popular with cat lovers in the USA because of their stunning appearance and friendly nature.

 ragdoll tabby
ragdoll tabby

Tabby Point Ragdoll

Tabby point Ragdoll cats have light coat colors with dark tabby points on their head. These tabby markings can look like the patterns you see on wild lynx.

Some people call them Lynx Ragdolls because of these markings. They can also be called striped or tabby-point Ragdolls. Some Ragdoll tabby cats may even have a silver tabby coat color.

tabby ragdoll cat
tabby ragdoll cat

Brown Tabby Ragdoll Cat

Brown Tabby Ragdoll Cats is a unique variation of the popular Ragdoll breed. These cats have a light-colored body coat with dark tabby points on their head. They have stripes or patterns on their face.

The tabby pattern can also appear on their body coat, adding another layer of beauty. Like all Ragdolls, Brown Tabby Ragdoll Cats can have stunning blue eyes.

ragdoll tabby cat
ragdoll tabby cat

Seal Tabby Ragdoll

The Seal Tabby Ragdoll Cross is a popular Ragdoll Tabby breed variety. These cats have seal points on their face, legs, and tail, meaning they are darker than the rest of their body type.

The seal coloring can range from dark brown to almost black. This color pattern is one of the most common among Ragdolls. Seal Tabby Ragdolls have a friendly and placid temperament, making them great companions.

tabby ragdoll mix
tabby ragdoll mix

Ragdoll Tabby Mix Grey

Ragdoll Tabby cats can come in beautiful grey coat colors. This gray coat can have different patterns, including tabby points. Grey Ragdoll Tabby Mix cates are friendly and have a calm nature.

The grey Tabby coats are often silky and heavy. A Grey Ragdoll Tabby Mix with a grey color coat can be bought from a well-known breeder or adoption center.

ragdoll tabby mix
ragdoll tabby mix

Ragdoll Tabby Mix Short Hair

The Ragdoll Tabby cats with short pet hair have silky, semi-long coats. Their fur is shorter, making it easier to groom and maintain. These cats still have a tabby cat’s beautiful markings and color variations but with a less dense coat.

A Tabby Ragdoll Mix is perfect for families looking for an affectionate nature without the extra grooming requirements. These short-haired beauties are available in various colors and patterns, just like their long-haired counterparts!

rag doll tabby
rag doll tabby

Health Problems Common in Ragdoll Tabby Mixes

Ragdoll Tabby mixes are prone to several health risks. One common issue is hip dysplasia, which can cause pain and mobility difficulties. Another concern is obesity, as Ragdoll Tabby mixes tend to gain weight easily.

This can lead to joint problems and heart disease. Gastrointestinal health conditions are also common in these cats due to their physical attributes and gentle temperament.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a heart disease that can result in heart failure, is another common condition. Urinary tract issues are among other health challenges with symptoms like frequent urination, difficulty urinating, and blood in the urine.

Ragdoll Tabby mixes owners must know these common health issues to provide proper care and seek veterinary attention.

Does Ragdoll Tabby Mix Make Great Family Pets?

Tabby Ragdoll Mix cats make excellent family pets for the following reasons:

  1. They have friendly, laid-back, and placid personalities. 
  2. This larger breed is gentle, which makes them great with children.
  3. They enjoy spending time with their owners and forming strong bonds.
  4. They can live long, providing lasting companionship for families.
  5. They come in various colors and patterns, making them visually appealing.
tabby ragdoll
tabby ragdoll


Are Ragdoll Tabby Mix Cats Rare?

Ragdoll Tabby mixed kitten is a popular cat breed considered rare because they are not commonly bred. An Ethical Breeder does not mix the Ragdoll breed with tabby-patterned cats.

These cats are usually bred on demand and are, therefore, expensive. They have one parent, a purebred Ragdoll, and the other, a tabby cat. This combination of two different breeds makes them unique and less common.

Does A Ragdoll Tabby Mix Have Short Hair?

Depending on their parent breeds, Ragdoll Tabby Mix cats can have short and long hair. If the tabby parent is long-haired, the offspring of a Ragdoll Tabby Mix is almost guaranteed to be long-haired.

Ragdoll breeding standards specify that they are “moderately longhaired” and reject cats with short hair. It is possible for a Ragdoll Tabby Mix to have short pet hair if one of their parent breeds has shorter fur.

The fluffy appearance of Ragdolls is maintained unless they are mixed with another breed that has short hair.This clears up any confusion about whether or not ragdolls can have shorter fur.

What Is The Difference Between A Ragdoll And A Ragdoll Tabby Mix?

A Tabby Ragdoll mix combines two active cat breeds: the Ragdoll and the Tabby. While both affectionate cat breeds share some similarities, there are notable differences between them.

A purebred Ragdoll has long, silky fur and distinct color patterns. A Ragdoll Tabby mix can have tabby markings on its coat or inherit the long pet hair of the Ragdoll.

Both breeds have a friendly and sociable temperament. But a Tabby Ragdoll mix may exhibit a playful nature inherited from its tabby parent.

The main difference lies in their physical appearance and personality traits that may vary depending on the mix.

Does Tabby Ragdoll Cat Shed A Lot?

Ragdoll Tabby Mix cats may shed a lot because Ragdoll cats shed more than other breeds. This is not true despite the common internet myth that Ragdolls don’t shed.

The amount of shedding can vary between individuals. But a cat lover must be prepared for some shedding if he has a Tabby Ragdoll Cat.

Is Ragdoll Tabby Mix Hypoallergenic?

Ragdoll Tabby Mix cats are not considered hypoallergenic. While they may not shed as much as other breeds, they can still trigger allergies.

Tabby cats, including Ragdoll Tabby Mixes, are not a specific breed, making it difficult to determine their hypoallergenic nature.

Whether or not someone has an allergic reaction to a Ragdoll Tabby Mix will depend on their allergies.

Does A Ragdoll Tabby Mix Have Short Hair?

Ragdoll tabby mixes can have both short and long hair. Their coat length depends on their parent cats’ genetic conditions. The offspring will likely have long pet hair if one parent is a long-haired tabby.If mixed with another breed with shorter hair, the tabby ragdoll mix may have shorter hair. 

Can Ragdolls Be Tabby?

Ragdolls can indeed be tabby! While it’s not as common as other coat patterns, Ragdolls can have distinctive tabby markings. This happens when one parent is a purebred Ragdoll, and the other is a tabby cat.

The genetics of the Ragdoll breed can influence the markings and colors. So some tabby Ragdolls may have less white on their coats compared to other patterns.

You might notice prominent M-shaped tabby markings on their foreheads too.

Can A Ragdoll Cat Be Orange?

Yes, a Ragdoll type of cat can be orange. Ragdolls can have an orange-reddish tinge to their coats, known as flame point. This coloration can also be seen in the Tabby Mix and Flame Point Ragdoll cats.

Male Ragdolls are more likely to have this orange coloring. “Flame Point” is used specifically for red or orange Ragdolls with cream or red-orange points.

Can A Ragdoll Be Grey?

Yes, a Ragdoll cat can be grey. The grey coat color in Ragdolls is commonly called “blue” by breeders. This doesn’t mean the cats are blue; it just describes their grey shade.

The grey color in Ragdolls results from their genetics and is unrelated to the Siamese breed. 

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