mink ragdoll cat

Mink Ragdoll Cat: Everything You Ever Need To Know

Mink Ragdoll Cat is the darker version of lighter counterparts like Lilac, Blue, Seal, Red, Solid, and Tortie. Mink is not a color appearance or coat pattern. The Mink is a specific bloodline traced back to the original Ragdoll Cat. Cat Associations like SBT and TICA confirm them as purebred Ragdolls.

Mink Ragdoll cats have more vibrant fur than traditional types. Their eye color is a beautiful aqua color rather than blue. Their average size, docile temperament, and care remain the same as traditional Ragdolls. 

Mink Ragdoll cats are born with color, unlike the white bodies of Ragdolls. Let’s learn more about these different cats from the superior bloodlines. 

mink cat
mink cat

What Does A Mink Ragdoll Cat Look Like?

A Mink Ragdoll cat breed has a smooth and silky coat. This coat is softer than the one found on traditional Ragdolls. These cats also have plush tails that set them apart from other breeds.

They have aquamarine eye color, like the calm sea water on a warm sunny day. These cats can have dark coats that make them stand out. 

Like their traditional relatives, Mink Ragdoll cats show many colors and standard patterns. All these traits give Mink Ragdoll cats unique looks that catch people’s attention!

Mink Ragdoll Genetics

Mink Ragdoll cats have a unique combination of genes. The Burmese gene plays a huge role in their color. Both parents of a Mink Ragdoll must be minks for the kitten to show this trait.

They must pass their offspring the pointed color spectrum and Burmese color dilution gene. This differs from traditional ragdoll cats, which always have blue eye color and pointed colors.

Not every active cat breed with mink parents will turn out as Mink Ragdoll kittens! If you breed solid color Ragdoll cats with a mink, only 25% of the kittens will look like traditional ones. 

What Does Mink Mean About Ragdoll Cat?

Mink is a term used for a type of Ragdoll cat. It’s not about the color type but how the coat looks and feels. Mink Ragdoll cats breeds have silky, smooth coats that feel like mink fur.

This is different from other Ragdoll cats. Their coats are darker and have a richer color palette than most Ragdoll cats. 

They have plush tails, which are extremely soft. When you hear “Mink” regarding the Ragdoll cat, it talks about the coat type of the cat rather than its color.

mink ragdoll
mink ragdoll

How To Tell The Difference Between Mink Ragdolls And A Traditional Ragdoll?

Mink RagdollTraditional Ragdoll
Mink cats have smoother coats with mink-like fur.Traditional Ragdolls have a slightly muted fur.
They have darker and richer coats with an array of color combinations.They have lighter tones.
Mink Ragdoll cats have vibrant eye colour matching their coat color.Traditional Ragdoll has blue eye colour. 
Ming Ragdoll kittens have visible colors on their bodies when they are born.Traditional Ragdoll kittens are born white. Their Ragdoll-specific color develops as they grow.

An experienced and reputable breeder can help you distinguish the two. They can provide guidance based on genetic markings and breed standards.

Mink Ragdoll Overview

Size, Height, And Weight

The size, height, and weight of a Mink Ragdoll vary depending on the cat’s gender. 

ParameterMale Mink RagdollFemale Mink Ragdoll
SizeLargeComparatively smaller
HeightApproximately 23-28 cmApproximately 23-28 cm but can be slightly shorter
WeightUsually 15-20 pounds (6.8-9 kg)Typically 8-15 pounds (3.6-6.8 kg)
seal mink ragdoll
seal mink ragdoll


Mink Ragdoll cats require regular grooming to keep their fur looking nice and prevent knots or tangles. Grooming helps prevent hairballs from forming in their stomachs.

Check for potential health problems like infections or sores on their skin while grooming. Regular grooming keeps their fur shiny and healthy.

Exercise And Training

Mink Ragdoll cats are fairly easy to train. They can learn basic commands and tricks. Teach them litter training, basic obedience, and more advanced things like jumping through hoops.

But it’s not just about training – these cats also need exercise to stay healthy. 

They require interactive playtime and dedicated periods of exercise to keep them in shape. Ensure they have plenty of room to play and set aside time for their activity.

mink ragdoll cat
mink ragdoll cat

Food And Diet

Proper nutrition maintains the health and well-being of Mink Ragdoll cats. Their ideal cat food should contain high levels of protein, around 60%, to support muscle development and repair.

Pantry Delight’s Broth and Royal Canin Dry Food are recommended options. 

The diet should consist of about 30% fat for energy and essential fatty acids. Carbohydrates should comprise only a small percentage, about 2-5%. 

Avoid overindulging Mink Ragdoll cats with treats, as excessive weight gain can lead to health issues. Provide them with whole-meat-based wet food rather than relying solely on dry food. 

Health Issues

Mink Ragdoll cats can have some health issues. They are prone to developing urinary system inflammations and infections, which can cause discomfort and require veterinary treatment.

Common health conditions in Mink Ragdoll cats include mouth and gum disease, respiratory tract disorders, heart disease, kidney disease, and gastrointestinal disorders. 

One particular condition they may be susceptible to is Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common concerns for these cats. Obesity can also be a health issue in Mink Ragdoll cats without a balanced diet and regular exercise.


Ragdoll cats have long lifespans. On average, these cats live for about 9 to 15 years. Some have reached the impressive age of 26! 

With proper care and a healthy lifestyle, Ragdolls can enjoy a lengthy life of 13 to 18 years.

Be aware that Ragdolls are susceptible to certain health issues, like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which affects the heart.

Provide regular veterinary check-ups, love, and attention to ensure your Mink Ragdoll companion lives a happy and healthy life.

seal mitted mink ragdoll
seal mitted mink ragdoll

Mink Ragdoll Colors and Patterns

Mink Ragdoll cats come in various colors and patterns. They can have standard colors like Blue, Seal, Chocolate, Lilac, Flame, Tortie, Cream, and Colorpoint. 

Some Mink Ragdoll cats may have solid colors all over their bodies. Others may have white mitts or patches on their chests and bellies. 

The coat of a Mink Ragdoll is plush and silky to the touch, with an especially fluffy tail.

Their eyes can be aqua, copper, gold, green, or even pink! Mink Ragdoll cats come in many stunning shades and designs for cat lovers to admire.

Mink Ragdolls Temperament

The Mink Ragdoll cats have a similar temperament to other Ragdolls. They are easy-going and loving to be around people. Mink Ragdoll cats have smart, gentle, and super affectionate personalities.

They love human attention and will often follow their owners around the house. Mink Ragdoll cats are not a new breed or color but a distinctive bloodline within the Ragdoll breed. 

If you’re looking for a friendly and sociable cat, a Mink Ragdoll might be the perfect choice!

seal point mink ragdoll
seal point mink ragdoll

Mink Ragdoll FAQ

Are Mink Ragdoll cats Rare?

Mink Ragdoll cats are rare because few responsible breeders include them in their breeding programs. This contributes to their uniqueness and limited availability. 

Mink Ragdoll cats have a specific bloodline of Ragdoll cats that gives them darker colors and pale green-blue eyes. Quality breeders do not actively breed them.

Mink Ragdoll cats can still be found through responsible breeders specializing in these cat bloodlines. Research and find a breeder who focuses on these rare and beautiful cats.

Do Mink Ragdoll cats Shed?

Mink Ragdoll cats, like other types of Ragdoll cats, do shed. They are moderate shedders than breeds with thicker undercoats. The amount of fur a Mink Ragdoll sheds can vary.

Ragdolls shed less hair than other cats because they lack that dense undercoat. Excessive shedding in your Mink Ragdoll might be due to their diet or an underlying illness.

Regular grooming and proper care minimize shedding and keep their coat healthy and beautiful.

Are Mink Ragdolls More Expensive?

Mink Ragdoll cats are indeed expensive cat breeds than traditional Ragdoll cats. This is because they come from superior Ragdoll bloodlines and are often highly sought-after. 

The average price of a Ragdoll cat can vary depending on the country. Mink Ragdoll cats tend to be on the higher end of the price range.

In the United Kingdom, prices for a Ragdoll breed of cat can start around $700. In Nigeria, it could cost as low as $50. A Ragdoll Cat in the USA costs between $ 800 and $ 3,500.

Are Minks A Different Breed Than Ragdolls?

Minks are not a different breed from Ragdolls but rather a specific type within the Ragdoll breed. They share the same temperamental and physical characteristics as other Ragdolls.

Mink Ragdoll cats can be traced back to the original Ragdoll cats and are considered purebred. While they are less common than traditional ragdolls, they are still considered purebred.

Can You Have Ragdoll Cats That Are 1/2 Mink?

Yes, it is possible to have Ragdoll cats that are 1/2 Mink. When two Ragdoll Mink cats are bred together, their kittens can inherit the Mink color gene and be 1/2 Minks. 

These kittens will have a mix of traits from Mink Ragdoll cats and traditional Ragdolls. They may have a darker coat color like the Minks and some lighter colors like the traditional Ragdolls. 

Breeding should only be done by a reputable breeder specializing in Ragdoll Bloodlines. It will ensure the health and well-being of the kittens.

Can You Get Traditional Ragdolls By Breeding Two Mink Ragdoll Cats?

Breeding two Ragdoll Mink Pattern cats can result in the birth of traditional Ragdoll kittens. Remember breeding 2 Mink Ragdolls is more challenging than other variations of Ragdoll cats.

Not every cat litter from two Mink adults will produce Mink kittens. There is a possibility of getting traditional Ragdolls instead. 

Genetics plays a role in determining the coat color of Ragdoll Cat and its pattern.

Can You Tell The Mink Ragdolls In A Litter?

Mink Ragdoll cats can be identified in a litter. Their fur differs from traditional Ragdolls – it’s smoother with the deepest colors.

Minks have various coat colors, including seal, blue, chocolate, and sepia Ragdoll. They also have distinct markings like a white patch or mitts on their paws and white bellies. 

They may look similar to other Ragdolls when they’re kittens, the differences become more apparent as they age. 

Are Mink Ragdolls Recognized As Ragdoll Cats?

Yes, Mink Ragdoll cats are recognized as Ragdoll cats. They come from the same bloodline that Ann Baker, an American breeder, originated in the 1960s. 

Their specific color gene gives them their unique fur type and classic mink coloring. Mink Ragdoll cats are not a separate breed or body color pattern. 

They are a variation within the Ragdoll breed. They have similar temperaments, sizes, and care needs as Traditional Ragdolls

Are Mink Ragdoll Cats Friendly?

Mink Ragdoll Cats have a friendly nature and affectionate personality. They love receiving attention and enjoy being around their human family companions.

Mink Ragdoll cats have a calm temperament and are often described as gentle giants. They are great with children and other pets, making them ideal family pets.

Want a snuggle buddy or playful companions for families? Ragdoll Mink cats will shower you with love and make wonderful additions.

What Makes A Ragdoll A Mink?

A Ragdoll cat becomes a mink by carrying a specific bloodline traced back to the original Ragdolls. Ragdoll Mink cats are not a separate breed but have some superior characteristics.

The main difference is that minks are born with color, unlike traditional Ragdolls born all-white. Another common feature is their coat texture, which resembles mink fur.

Minks are still considered a part of the legitimate Ragdoll feline family. They share the same laid-back personalities and affectionate nature as other Ragdolls.

Do Cat Registries Recognize Mink Ragdolls?

Cat breed registries recognize Mink Ragdoll Cats as part of the Ragdoll breed. Mink Ragdoll Cats can be TICA registered and are considered purebred Ragdolls. 

Some cat-fancy breeders have not accepted minks or solids as true Ragdolls. Major cat associations recognize Ragdoll Mink Pattern Cats and can be officially registered.

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