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Ragdoll Cat Color And Pattern Guide [ 2024 Updated ]

Ragdolls are a popular breed of cat known for their gentle and docile temperament. They come in various ragdoll colors, including seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, red point, and cream point.

In addition to these six main colors, Ragdolls can come in various patterns, such as colorpoint, mitted, bi-color, lynx point, and tortoiseshell. The colorpoint pattern is the most common, and it features solid points on a solid-colored body. The mitted pattern has white paws and a white chin.

The bi-color pattern has white on the chest, stomach, and legs. The lynx point pattern has tabby markings on the points. The tortoiseshell pattern has a mix of black, brown, and orange markings.

This article will guide you through the mixture of colors and patterns of Ragdolls, helping simplify your decision process. Prepare yourself to dive into the world of popular Ragdoll cat color types!

Point ColorBody ColorNose Leather ColorPaw Pad Color
SealCream to pale fawnBlack/Dark brownBlack/Dark brown
BlueBluish white to creamy pale grayBlue-grayBlue-gray
ChocolateIvoryPinkCinnamon pink
LilacCreamy whiteLavender pinkLavender pink
RedCreamy whitePinkPink
CreamCreamy white to pale buffPinkPink
Seal TortieCream or pale fawn with red and/or cream mottlingBlack, dark brown, and pink mottlingBlack, dark brown, and pink mottling
Blue TortieBluish white to pale gray with cream mottlingBlue-gray and pink mottlingBlue-gray and pink mottling
Chocolate TortieIvory with red and/or cream mottlingMottled chocolate brown and pinkMottled chocolate brown and pink
Lilac TortieCreamy white with cream mottlingMottled lavender pinkMottled lavender pink
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Ragdoll Cat Colors & Patterns: Type Of Ragdoll Coat Color

The Ragdoll Colors & Patterns Quick Guide briefly overviews the patterns in Ragdoll cats. It includes the Bi-Color, Van, Colorpoint, and Mitted patterns.

ragdoll cats colors

Bicolor Ragdoll

The Bi-Color Ragdoll Pattern is a stunning sight. This pattern has two common colors on the cat’s body. The face, hind legs, and tail have another color. Blue Point Mitted Ragdolls and Seal Bi-color Ragdolls are types of this pattern.

The Van Pattern

The Van pattern is a special look for Ragdoll cats. These cats have white bodies, legs, and feet. Their ears, mask, and tail have a dark color. This high contrast between the dark color points on their fur and pure white body makes them quite striking.

No two Van-patterned Ragdolls look the same; each has its unique charm! These coat types are just one way that Ragdoll cats can wow us with serene beauty.

Many cat lovers love this design due to its richly contrasting features. The white body of the Van pattern sets a stunning backdrop for the darker points over their ears, mask, and tail area.

Colorpoint Ragdoll Pattern

The color point pattern means a blend of color on certain body parts. The ears, face, paws, and tail are where you will see these colors. Seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, or warm cream are the range of colors.

These point colors might be solid or show pattern variations like lynx. Some cats even have a mix of two colors! There used to be only four Ragdoll colors we knew about. Now there are ten! We often see blue point Ragdolls and seal point in Ragdoll cats.

Blue Mitted Ragdoll

The mitted pattern in Ragdoll Cats is named after the cat’s paws that look like they’re wearing mittens. This pattern is characterized by colored points on the ears, face, paws, and tail, while the body is lighter.

It’s often seen combined with pattern combinations like the colorpoint or bicolor variant. The mitted pattern comes in various colors: seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac. It’s also one of the approved coat types for Ragdoll cats.

Point Ragdoll

Point Ragdolls come in various beautiful cat colors, including Chocolate Point, Blue Point, Lilac Point, Redpoint, and Cream Point.

1. Chocolate Point Ragdoll

Chocolate Point Ragdoll cats are a special and rare beloved breed. They have chocolate brown color on their ears, faces, paws, and tail – called the “points.” The rich color points of Chocolate Points develop a few hours after birth.

Their beautiful milk chocolate shade stands out against their ivory-colored bodies. Due to their unique coloration, Chocolate Point Ragdolls can be more expensive than other Ragdoll kittens.

ragdoll cat colours

2. Blue Point Ragdoll

Blue Point Ragdolls are a beautiful breed of cat with oval-shaped blue color eyes. Their lighter body color can vary, including subtle shades like seal and chocolate. These cats have slate coat colors unique to the Blue Point pattern.

Like all Ragdoll cats, Blue Colorpoint Ragdolls have well-defined color points on their ears, face, paws, and tail. They also have bright blue eyes that make them so mesmerizing.

3. Lilac Point Ragdoll

Lilac Point Ragdolls are a unique and beautiful color variation of the Ragdoll breed. These cats have a soft, pale lilac-grey body color that is truly eye-catching. They come in different coat patterns, including a bicolor pattern, mitted, and point.

Lilac Point Ragdoll has a white body and lilac color at its points – its ears, face, paws, and tail. This striking combination creates a stunning contrast.

4. Red Point Ragdoll

The Redpoint Ragdoll is a beautiful breed of cat. Redpoint Ragdolls have blue eyes, which adds to their charm and uniqueness. Another interesting feature of the Redpoint Ragdoll is the popular color of its nose leather and paw pads. It is usually flesh or coral pink in color. This striking combination creates an excellent contrast against their light-colored fur. 

5. Cream Point Ragdoll

Cream Point Ragdolls are rare among Ragdoll cats. They are so rare that only about 3 percent of cat owners in the US have Cream Point Ragdolls. These beautiful cats have cream-colored bodies with darker points on their ears, faces, paws, and tails. Cream Point Ragdolls are often associated with other Point Ragdolls, like the Blue Point Ragdoll. 

ragdoll fur types

Lynx Point Ragdoll

The Lynx Point Ragdolls come in different cat colors: seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, and cream. These beautiful cats have striking tabby markings on their bodies and have a charming appearance.

1. Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll Color And Pattern

The Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll has a beautiful colored coat. Their fur is cream or pale fawn, with a lighter shade on their stomach and chest. What makes them unique are the body shading patterns, which can appear as ghost striping or ticking.

These cats are officially recognized as popular Ragdoll cat color breeds. Many people find kittens with Seal Lynx Point coloring and white mittens stunning and adorable.

2. Chocolate Lynx Point Ragdoll

Chocolate Lynx Point Ragdolls are a special type of Ragdoll cat with beautiful tabby markings. Their body is light ivory, and they may have darker fur in their body shading.

Some chocolate lynx point Ragdolls also have ghost striping or ticking on their bodies. These cats are known for their sweet personalities and distinctive appearance. A unique and charming feline companion, a chocolate lynx point Ragdoll might be the perfect choice for families.

3. Blue Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat

Blue Lynx Point Ragdoll cats are popular with stunning blue eyes and unique coat patterns. These cats combine the blue coat color and the lynx pattern with beautiful tabby-like stripes on their fur.

The point color in Blue Lynx Point Ragdolls is usually seen on their face, ears, paws, and tail. They have a beautiful blend of light blue-gray color fur with darker stripes.

Cat lovers highly seek blue Lynx Point Ragdolls because of their striking appearance. They can be found for sale as kittens from reputable breeders. The blue eyes that all purebred Ragdolls share make them even more captivating.

4. Lilac Lynx Point Color Variation

Lilac Lynx Point Ragdoll Cats have coats tipped with rich color, known as “points.” The body color of these cats is a glacial white, creating a striking contrast with the colored points.

Lilac Ragdolls come in various patterns, including the bicolor lynx pattern. Alongside lilac, they come in other cat colors like chocolate, red, seal, blue, and cream. These ragdolls have a gradient blend of white and color on their coats.

5. Red Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat

Red Lynx Point Ragdoll Cats are among the popular color varieties of the Ragdoll breed. They can be found in all three traditional Ragdoll patterns: bicolor, colorpoint, and mitted.

These cats have tabby points, which means their ears, face, feet, and tail have distinct stripes or spots. The Red Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat is associated with Lynx Point Ragdolls and contributes to the Ragdoll cat colors.

6. Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat

Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll cats have beautiful coloring and patterns. The Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll is cream or pale fawn, with a lighter color on the stomach and chest. These cats may also have ghost striping or ticking in their body shading. Cream Lynx Point Ragdolls are associated with Lynx Point Ragdolls due to similar characteristics. One distinctive feature of Cream Lynx Points is their coats’ gradient blend of white.

colors of ragdoll cats

Tortie Point Ragdolls

Tortie Point Ragdolls is a beautiful variation of the traditional Ragdoll color patterns.

1. Seal Tortie Point Ragdoll Cat

Seal Tortie Point Ragdoll Cats are a common type of Tortie Point Ragdolls with their unique coloring. Instead of the traditional light cream color, these cats have light blue markings on their bodies.

The overall body base color is usually a pale fawn or cream shade. As they age, the coloration in the Seal Tortie pattern may develop some slight mottling. 

2. Chocolate Tortie Point Ragdoll Cat

The Chocolate Tortie Point Ragdoll Cat is beautiful with an ivory body and milk chocolate-colored points. This rich color variation is part of the Tortie Ragdoll family, which comes in different cat colors, including chocolate.

The Chocolate Tortie pattern uniquely appears because it combines tortoiseshell body and point patterns. These cats have a sweet and playful nature, making them wonderful companions for families or individuals looking for a loving pet.

Cream Point Ragdoll

Cream Point Ragdolls are a variation of the color point pattern and have cream-colored bodies with darker shades on their ears, faces, paws, and tails.

1. Blue Cream Point Ragdolls 

Blue Cream Point Ragdolls is a beautiful variation of the Ragdoll breed. They have a soft and plush coat that comes in a combination of blue and soft cream color. These cats are known for their stunning oval-shaped blue eyes, which add to their overall charm.

Cat lovers seek blue Cream Point Ragdolls due to their unique coloring and gentle temperament. A gorgeous feline companion with a calm and friendly nature, these Blue Ragdolls might be a beloved choice for families. 

2. Lilac Cream Point Ragdoll Cat

The Lilac Cream Point Ragdoll Cat is a stunning variation of the Lilac Ragdoll Cat. These cats have a glacial white lighter body color and are associated with cream point Ragdolls. They may also have ghost-striping or ticking on their body shading, which adds to their captivating appearance.

The Lilac Cream Point Ragdoll Cat is a stunning sight with its beautiful coloring and striking features.

ragdoll coat types
tortie point ragdoll

Tortie Lynx Point Ragdolls

Tortie-Lynx Point Ragdolls combine beautiful tortoiseshell pattern and lynx point patterns, creating a unique and striking coat.

1. Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat

Darker Seal color tortie lynx point Ragdoll cats have striking combination types and patterns. Their bodies are pale fawn or cream, with points in seal, blue, chocolate, red, lilac, or cream.

What sets them apart is the lynx point pattern on their coat. Their fur is tipped with color, creating a beautiful gradient blend of white and colored fur. 

2. Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat

The Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat is a beautiful breed. These cats have ivory bodies with milk chocolate-colored points, like their ears, face, paws, and tail.

The Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point Ragdolls’ points are lighter than other beautiful varieties of lynx Point. They have a lovely pattern called “tortie,” meaning they have patches of additional colors on their bodies. This characteristic tortoiseshell marking and lynx point coloring make these cats special.

Cream Lynx Point Ragdolls

Cream-Lynx Point Ragdolls have a beautiful coat. It combines the light cream color with the lynx point pattern, creating an adorable appearance.

1. Blue-Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat

Blue-Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll Cats have a bluish-white to grayish-white body coat. They may also have faint markings of tabby or ticking on their fur. The points on their face, ears, paws, and tails are darker. These cats have beautiful blue eyes, a common trait among purebred Ragdolls.

2. Lilac Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat

The Lilac Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll cat is a beautiful breed with glacial white body color. They belong to the Lilac Ragdoll category and have a gradual fading gray coat color instead of a true purple shade. These cats come in various patterns, like lilac point, lilac lynx point, and lilac cream. 


What are the colors of Ragdolls?

The most common Ragdoll colors are blue, seal, chocolate and lilac.

What is the rarest Ragdoll color?

The rarest Ragdoll color is red.

The most popular Ragdoll pattern is the colorpoint pattern with lighter body and darker face, ears, legs and tail.

Can Ragdolls be all white?

Yes, Ragdolls can be all white, though it is not as common as the colorpoint pattern.

The most popular and sought after Ragdoll is likely the blue colorpoint.

Which Ragdolls are most expensive?

The more rare colors like chocolate, lilac and red tend to be the most expensive Ragdolls.

What is the difference between chocolate and seal Ragdolls?

  • Seal Ragdolls have black points (face, ears, legs, tail)
  • Chocolate Ragdolls have milk chocolate brown points

Are white Ragdolls deaf?

White Ragdolls are no more likely to be deaf than Ragdolls with colorpoint patterns.

Do Ragdoll Cats Change Color?

Kittens may change shades slightly as they grow, but they generally maintain the same colorpoint contrast.

Do Ragdolls Change Colors When They Get Old?

Ragdolls’ points (ears, face, legs, tail) tend to darken gradually as they age.

How Can I Tell What Color My Ragdoll Kitten Is?

You can best guess a Ragdoll kitten’s mature color by looking at their points. The body color is paler in kittens and will take longer to come in fully. But the points give a good indication of their final color.

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