Cinnamon Ragdoll

Line Of Cinnamon Ragdoll Cat Colors: Mink, Fawn, Solid, Sepia

With their soft fawn coats and affectionate temperaments, cinnamon Ragdolls are a rare treasure of the cat fancy world. Their fur features a light reddish-brown tone similar to the spice, setting them apart from traditional aqua, mitted, bicolor, and sepia-pointed Ragdolls.

As a color mutation of the chocolate mink Ragdoll, the solid cinnamon shade resides in an elite group of dilute Ragdoll varieties. Yet these kitty boasts the same calm, friendly nature that the Ragdoll breed is celebrated for. 

Whether a striking cinnamon kitten or a mature cat, cinnamon Ragdolls embody both unique beauty and a sweet personality. So, while their fur color may differentiate them, a cinnamon Ragdoll’s wonderful companion qualities remain comfortably familiar.

Breeding pairs or acquiring these Ragdolls is challenging due to the recessive Cinnamon genes. Even if a ragdoll breeder crosses cinnamon solid ragdoll cats, they may possess a different coat color.

cinnamon ragdoll
cinnamon ragdoll

Cinnamon Ragdoll Breed: History and Genetics

The cinnamon Ragdoll cats have an interesting origin and unique genetic traits. It distinguishes them from other Ragdoll color variations.

Origin And History Of Traditional Ragdolls

Cinnamon color Ragdolls have a special story. They are not the common type of Ragdoll cat breeds. They came from a change in the black gene. The cinnamon color is rare because it hides behind another dominant gene. These unique cats first came from Riverside, California, in the 1960s. 

Since their start, people have found it hard to get or breed them due to their rare Cinnamon gene. This made beautiful Cinnamons quite sought after and precious among cat lovers around the globe.

Genetic Traits And Characteristics

The cinnamon gene is a mutation caused by a recessive gene that is recessive to black. This recessive red coloring was first discovered in Ragdolls by breeder Sharon Steadman in the 1990s when two chocolate-colored Ragdolls produced kittens with cinnamon coats.

The gene causing cinnamon coat color is located on the same allelic group that contains the chocolate and cinnamon genes. It is believed that the chocolate gene underwent a spontaneous mutation, altering it into the cinnamon version.

This cinnamon version of the chocolate gene behaves similarly as the ruddy gene found in Abyssinian cats. Like Abyssinians exhibiting reddish fur, the cinnamon gene results in lighter red-brown colored fur rather than a diluted shade of black fur like chocolate coloring.

Explanation of the line of cinnamon Ragdoll genetics using alleles:

B (Black)B – Dominant black allele <br> b – Recessive non-black allele
D (Density)D – Dense color allele <br> d – Dilute color allele
C (Cinnamon)C – Cinnamon allele <br> c – Non-cinnamon allele

Cinnamon coat color in Ragdolls originates from a spontaneous genetic mutation in the gene responsible for producing black fur. Ragdolls receive one copy of the E/E+ allele group from their mother and one copy from their father.

In mink Ragdolls, a mutation occurred in the E allele that is responsible for producing black hair. This altered black allele mutated into a recessive cinnamon allele (bc).

So a cat inherits one black allele (E) and one cinnamon allele (bc) from its mink parents in this particular allelic group. This phenotypically is a solid cinnamon. The bc cinnamon allele masks expression of the E black allele since cinnamon is recessive to black.

By mutation of the allele controlling black coat color into a recessive cinnamon version, mink breeders produced the first Ragdolls exhibiting a distinct solid cinnamon coat when two recessive genes were inherited.

This spontaneous genetic makeup for particular pairs allowed the unique cinnamon coat color to arise by containing the altered cinnamon allele.

cinnamon ragdoll
cinnamon ragdoll

Traditional Colors And Patterns Of Ragdoll Breed Standard

Ragdoll cats have a lot of beautiful colors. They come in six main colors and five patterns. You can see them with paw pads and noses that are pink, cinnamon, flesh-colored, or even mottled! 

A solid fawn or cinnamon mink is another rare color you might find. But getting to know Ragdoll’s coat genetics is not always easy. But some breeders can help explain it all. 

They show how each cat gets its unique color and pattern from its Cinnamon parents’ genes. This helps us understand the true beauty of these special cats!

  • Base Color: Light reddish brown color, resembling the spice cinnamon. Can range from pale tan to a warmer reddish brown.
  • Points: Darker brown color on the ears, face, legs, and tails. This is a signature trait of ragdolls. The points can vary in shade from seal brown to chocolate.
  • Mitted Pattern: White paws on front legs that look like mittens. Also have white chin and chest. The rest of the body and head is the cinnamon base color.
  • Bicolor Pattern: More extensive white areas on the body, about 1/3 white. Markings are random. White chin, chest, abdomen, and sometimes white leg patches.
  • Van Pattern: Mostly cinnamon base color with minimal white limited to the chin, chest, and underside. No white paws or leg patches.

Temperament of Cinnamon Ragdolls

They have a sweet and gentle temperament, similar to their traditional counterparts.

Comparison To Traditional Ragdoll Cats

Like true Ragdolls, adult Cinnamon Ragdoll cats are beloved for their friendly and loyal temperament. They possess a distinct color marking that sets them apart.  Here is a comparison of Cinnamon in color Ragdolls with traditional Ragdolls.

CharacteristicsTraditional RagdollCinnamon Ragdoll
ColorCommonly found in seal color.Distinct cinnamon color.
SizeKnown for their large size.Also characterized by a large size.
Eye ColorRenowned for their aquar eye color.Typically, they may also have bright blue eyes.
FurPossess semi-long silky fur.Have the same semi-long silky fur.
PersonalityThey are known for their friendly and adaptable nature.Share the same friendly and adaptable nature.
IntelligenceThey are a highly intelligent breed.They are also known for their high intelligence.
DesirabilityWidely desired for their traits.Unique color adds to their desirability.

Personality Traits Of Mink, Solid, Sepia Ragdolls

These Ragdolls are known for their calm and gentle nature. They have a relaxed temperament, making them great companions to cuddle with. 

These cats are similar to traditional Ragdolls, including a placid nature and even temperament. They are easygoing and get along well with all family members, including children and pets. 

Moreover they are friendly and sociable creatures who enjoy being around people. Their gentle personality allows them to adapt easily to different environments.

Changes in routine may not significantly affect their behavior. These big, sweet, gentle giants bring a sense of tranquility to any home they reside in.

cinnamon ragdoll cat
cinnamon ragdoll cat

How To Take Care Of A Cinnamon Ragdoll According To TICA?


Cinnamon Ragdolls are relatively inactive cats, but they still need some exercise to stay healthy. A few short play sessions each day will be enough to keep them happy and healthy. You can also provide them with a scratching post or cat tree to climb on.

Nutritional Requirements

Cinnamon Ragdolls are medium-sized cats, so they need a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

You can feed them a commercial cat food that is specifically formulated for Ragdolls, or you can make your own food at home. Be sure to avoid feeding them too many treats, which can lead to obesity.

Health Checks

Taking your cinnamon Ragdoll to the vet is important for regular checkups. This will help ensure they are healthy and up-to-date on their vaccinations. The vet can also check for potential health problems like heart or kidney disease.


Cinnamon Ragdolls have a long, silky coat that needs to be groomed regularly. You should brush them at least once a day to remove loose hair and prevent mats. You may also need to bathe them every few months.

  • Provide them with a comfortable bed and plenty of places to relax.
  • Keep their litter box clean and in a quiet location.
  • Trim their nails regularly.
  • Train them to use a scratching post.
  • Socialize them with other people and animals from a young age.

Rarity of Cinnamon Ragdolls Cattery

Such Ragdolls are highly sought after due to their rarity and unique coloring.

Rarity And Desirability

These lovely Cinnamon Ragdolls are extremely rare variations of the Ragdoll breed. Their distinctive color makes them highly coveted among Ragdoll enthusiasts.  Cinnamon & fawn Ragdolls are considered to be ultra-rare in the breed standard.

The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes cinnamon Ragdolls, but the gene for this color may no longer exist in the current breeding program. 

Due to their scarcity, cinnamon Ragdolls often have a higher price tag than other color patterns. Their desirability among cat lovers is undeniable, making them a sought-after choice.

Availability And Price

The availability and price of Cinnamon litter vary significantly, considering their rarity and unique coloring. Possessing a Cinnamon Ragdoll can be exclusive and come with a price tag to match, mainly when obtained from quality breeders.

AvailabilityPrice Range
Not as rare as they were 20 years ago, thanks to the work of Dr. Maxine Stiles.$1500 to $2500
TICA will register a cinnamon Ragdoll, but the gene for cinnamon may no longer exist in the current breeding plan.Show quality Ragdoll kittens can cost in the range of $2500+.
Cinnamon and fawn Ragdolls are considered ultra-rare colors in the Ragdoll breed.The price can go even higher due to the ultra-rare colors.
cinnamon ragdoll
cinnamon ragdoll

Where Can I Find A SBT Registered Breeder For Cinnamon Ragdoll Cat?

Here are some options for breeder of Cinnamon cats that can help you –

  • Pinkerton Ragdolls – Pinkerton Breeders are SBT-TICA registered and offer solid, sepia, mink, and cinnamon Ragdolls. 
  • Starliterags Ragdoll Cattery– Cat lovers can easily find the ultra-rare fawn and cinnamon Ragdolls at Starliterags. 
  • Dollnouveau Ragdolls – Dollnouveau is a small cattery devoted to breeding Ragdolls, including Cinnamon. Centrally located in Texas, they produce top-notch cats.

You can also find these Ragdolls in adoption centers like –


Cinnamon ragdoll cats are a rare and highly sought-after breed of cat due to their beauty, playful nature, and friendly personality. With their stunning cinnamon color and large blue eyes, they make wonderful companions.

Are you looking for a unique addition to your family or simply want to learn more about these fascinating feline friends?  Understanding cinnamon ragdolls’ history, genetics, temperament, and rarity is essential. So dive into the world of cinnamon ragdolls – you won’t be disappointed!


Is a Cinnamon Ragdoll a Purebred Ragdoll Cat?

A cinnamon Ragdoll is not a purebred Ragdoll cat according to most cat associations, including the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). The traditional Ragdoll colors are seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, and cream. Cinnamon is a dilute version of the chocolate color, and fawn is a dilute version of cinnamon. These colors are not currently accepted as championship breeds in North America.

Are cinnamon Ragdolls rare?

Cinnamon Ragdolls are relatively rare. The most common Ragdoll coat colors are the “pointed” patterns of blue, seal, chocolate, and lilac.

What is the rarest Ragdoll colors?

The rarest Ragdoll colors likely include cinnamon along with red, cream, and apricot. These colors stand out from the traditional pointed patterns.

What is so special about Ragdoll?

Ragdolls are known for their docile, calm temperament and affectionate personalities. They tend to go limp when held.

What are the genetics of a Ragdoll cat?

Genetically, Ragdolls carry the longhair and pointed color genes. Variations like cinnamon derive from recessive red and diluted color genes.

Do Cinnamon Ragdolls Have the Same Temperament as Traditional Ragdoll Cats?

Yes, cinnamon Ragdolls have the same sweet, mellow temperament the breed is known for, regardless of their rare coat color.

What does a Cinnamon Ragdoll Cat look like?

A cinnamon Ragdoll has a light reddish brown coat, darker reddish points (ears, face, legs and tail), blue eyes, and a cream/pale torso. Their coloration resembles that of cinnamon powder.

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