Cream Point Ragdoll

Cream Bicolor Ragdoll: Everything You Need To Know

Cream Point Ragdolls stand out for their distinctive color patterns. They have lighter cream-colored points on the ears, face mask, tail, and lower back, contrasting elegantly against a white body. Some may exhibit delicate shading matching their points.

True to the breed, Cream Points possess characteristic blue eyes and pink or flesh-toned nose leather and paw pads. They exhibit all the traditional Ragdoll patterns like bicolor, mitted, and van.

Bicolor Ragdolls are expected to have the distinctive inverted “V” marking between the eyes. Absence of this facial marking can lead to disqualification.

This article explores the common colors, patterns, health considerations, and unique traits of the Cream Point Ragdoll

cream bicolor ragdoll
cream bicolor ragdoll

What Does “Cream Point” Mean In Ragdolls?

“Cream Point” in Ragdolls speaks about their color. The body of a Cream Point Ragdoll is a soft cream color or ivory. Their face, ears, feet, and tail are all shades of this same light color. Blue eyes bring charm to these fuzzy companions.

Their nose matches their paw pad tone – somewhere between flesh and rosy pink in color. This makes them easy to spot with their special variety of colors!

Decoding Cream Ragdoll Genetics

Ragdoll Cream cats get their rich color from their dilution gene. Their soft cream color or ivory shade comes from a red dilute gene. This weakens the strong red color, producing lighter shades like cream.

Also, this unique color point pattern shows up later in life. These fur babies are born white and show their actual coloration after 10 weeks. Blue eye colors are breed standard for all Cream Ragdolls, also given by genetics.

The soft rosy pink or flesh-colored nose and paw pads make them stand out more. All these traits unite to form the Cream Point Ragdoll cats we love so much!

cream bicolor ragdoll
cream bicolor ragdoll

Cream Point Ragdoll Overview

The cream Point Ragdoll cats are a beloved breed with a beautiful appearance and charming personalities. These adorable cats might be the perfect match if you want a new furry friend!

Let’s explore everything about Cream Bicolor Ragdolls, from their physical appearance and personality traits to their grooming needs and health issues. 

Cream Ragdoll Cat Physical Appearance

Ragdoll Cream cats are a captivating sight. They sport a beautiful blend of ivory or cream shades on their face, ears, feet, and tails. These parts stand out against their silky white coat.

Over time, the color develops more and shows around 10 weeks after birth. Yet, they do not show full color until they turn four years old! This light cream color and stark white mix make them enchanting.

Cream Ragdoll’s Personality And Temperament

Cream Ragdolls have a friendly and sociable nature. They are docile and gentle, making them wonderful companions for families. These cats are charming and are often described as dog-like because of their loyal and affectionate personality.

Cream Ragdolls enjoy being held and cuddled, making them the perfect choice for lap cats. They have a low training difficulty, so they can easily learn tricks or follow basic commands.

Regarding exercise needs, Cream Ragdolls have low activity levels and prefer a relaxed indoor lifestyle. Cream Ragdolls are a beloved & beautiful breed among feline lovers with a captivating appearance.

Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Training

The Cream Ragdolls are generally easy to train for housetraining and leash walking. Here are some tips for training your Ragdoll Cream cat:

Start With The Basics

Begin training by teaching your Cream Ragdoll to use the litter box. This is an essential skill for any cat. Use positive reinforcement, like treats or praise, to reward them when they use the litter box correctly.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is key when training your Cream Ragdoll. Reward them with treats, praise, or playtime whenever they exhibit desired behaviors. It could be using the scratching post instead of furniture.

Be Patient And Consistent: 

Training takes time, and consistency is key. Set a regular schedule for training sessions and stick to it. Repeat commands and behaviors consistently so that your Cream Ragdoll understands what is expected of them.

Teach Them Tricks Gradually

Cream Ragdolls are not typically known for their ability to learn complex tricks. They can still be trained to perform basic commands like “sit” or “stay.” Break down these tricks into smaller steps and reward them at each stage of progress.

Use Toys As Rewards

Cream Ragdolls love playtime, so incorporating toys into their training can motivate them. For example, you can use a favorite toy as a reward for completing a command or behavior.

Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Requirement

  • The Cream Ragdolls have low exercise needs. 
  • They only require about 15 minutes of playtime daily. 
  • You can divide their exercise into multiple segments throughout the day. 
  • Cat-friendly toys like soft toys, interactive toys, feather toys, tower tracks, and crinkle balls are recommended for exercise. 
cream bicolor ragdoll
cream bicolor ragdoll

Grooming And Cleaning

The Cream Ragdolls require regular grooming to keep their long coat looking beautiful and prevent matting.

Brush Their Fur: 

Brush your Cream Ragdoll’s fur twice weekly to remove loose hair and prevent tangles. Use a comb or brush specifically designed for long-haired cats.

Bathe Them Regularly

Bath your Cream Ragdoll every 4-6 weeks to keep their coat clean and free of dirt and oil. Use a mild cat shampoo, and make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Trim Their Nails

Trim your Cream Ragdoll’s nails every 2 weeks to prevent them from becoming too long or sharp. Use cat nail clippers and be careful not to trim too close to the quick.

Take Care Of Their Dental Health

Daily teeth brushing or chewing gum maintains your Cream Ragdoll’s dental hygiene and prevents issues like gum disease.

Clean Their Eyes

Gently wipe your Cream Ragdoll’s eyes daily with a damp cloth or specialized eye wipes to remove any crust or discharge.

Check Their Ears

Weekly ear cleaning is important for Cream Ragdolls. Wipe the outer part of the ears using a soft cloth or cotton ball moistened with a veterinarian-recommended ear cleaner.

Cream Point Ragdoll Food And Diet

The Cream Point Ragdoll cats require a specific diet to stay healthy and happy. 

  • Cream Ragdolls need a meat-based diet with many animal-based proteins.
  • They should not be fed over 50% animal proteins, 20% fats, and 3% carbs. 
  • Dry foods are recommended to prevent digestion and oral problems. Purina’s dry cat food is ideal for fuzzy companions with sensitive stomachs. 
  • You can give them a mix of wet and dry food for the best combination. Purina Wet Food can be considered for your feline friend. 
  • Whole-meat-based canned foods provide your Ragdolls with adequate proteins and fats.
  • Dry cat food offers the needed carbohydrates for optimal energy. 
  • Cream Ragdolls may have different dietary needs depending on their age and health.

Cream Point vs Flame Point Ragdoll

The Cream Point and Flame Point Ragdolls are renowned for their complex beauty but have some key differences. 

FeaturesCream Point RagdollFlame Point Ragdoll
ColorThe Cream Point Ragdoll comes in various cream/ivory shades, with points ranging from light buff to pale pink cream.The Flame Point Ragdoll displays brighter, more intense orange shades than the Cream Point.
GeneticsCream Ragdolls are dilutes of the Flame or Red Ragdoll.Flame Point Ragdolls are genetically distinct and not a dilute of any other color.
SizeCream Ragdolls fall in the medium to large category. Males weigh 15-20 pounds, and female Ragdolls weigh 10-14 pounds.Flame Point Ragdolls are similar in size to Cream Points, with males generally larger than female Ragdolls.
EyesCream Ragdolls have striking blue eyes.Flame Point Ragdolls have trademark blue eyes like other Ragdolls. 
PersonalityCream Ragdolls have friendly and placid temperaments.Flame Point Ragdolls also have a docile and calm nature.

Cream Point Ragdoll Cat Colors And Patterns

Cream Bicolor Ragdoll

Cream Bicolor Ragdolls are a beloved breed with an adorable appearance. These gentle giants have a white base color coat and cream or beige hue coloration points, giving a beautiful blend of color.

Cream Bicolor Ragdolls can have three types of patterns: Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted. The Color point pattern is lighter than the points but without any white marking.

The Bicolor pattern includes a white inverted V mask-like coloration on the face. The Mitted pattern includes a white stripe on the belly, extending up to the chin.

Cream Bicolor Ragdolls make wonderful family companions with striking appearances and charming personalities.

Regular grooming maintains their luxurious coat, which often has subtle shades of pink and light orange mixed with creamy tones.

cream point ragdoll
cream point ragdoll

Cream Lynx Ragdoll

Cream Lynx Ragdoll cats are a beautiful variation of the Cream Point Ragdoll cats. They have cream-colored bodies with lynx points ranging from light buff to pale pink cream.

These cats have stunning blue eyes, a trademark feature of purebred Ragdolls. Like Cream Point Ragdoll cats, Cream Lynx Ragdolls can have Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted patterns.

The Cream Lynx Ragdoll with a Bi-color Ragdoll pattern has an adorable white inverted V mask on their face. Cream Lynx Ragdolls make wonderful companions. They have a distinctive appearance and adaptable personality.

Blue Cream Point Ragdoll

Blue Cream Point Ragdoll cats have striking blue eyes and cream or ivory extremities. They can come in three patterns: Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted.

The Color point pattern is lighter than the points but without any white marking. The bicolor pattern includes a white inverted V mask-like coloration on their face.

Blue Cream Point Ragdoll cats have a delicate appearance and make excellent feline companions.

cream point ragdoll
cream point ragdoll

Blue Cream Tortie Ragdoll

Blue Cream Tortie Ragdolls are a special variation of the Cream Point Ragdoll cats. These beautiful kitties have a pristine white coat, cream points, and shiny blue eyes.

They may also have a dilute of the red color, similar to the Cream Point Ragdoll cats. Blue Cream Tortie Ragdolls come in patterns like Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted, like their Cream Point counterparts.

Selective breeding is required to produce litters of kittens with these specific cat colors and patterns.

cream ragdoll
cream ragdoll

Blue Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll

Blue Cream Lynx Point Ragdolls have cream points and a blue lynx pattern. It includes beautiful tabby-like stripes on their face, legs, and tail.

Blue-Cream Lynx Point Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes like other Cream Point Ragdoll cats. They can also come in patterns like Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted. 

cream ragdoll
cream ragdoll

Blue Cream Bicolor Ragdoll

Blue Cream Bicolor Ragdolls have a pristine white coat with cream points in areas where the fur is light cream. The most striking feature of this feline companion is their shiny blue eyes. The Bicolor pattern in Blue Cream Ragdolls includes a white inverted V-shaped mask on their face.

They also have white bodies with “mittens” on their paws and sometimes even a belly stripe extending up to the chin. This combination of creamy points and a crisp white marking makes Blue Cream Bicolor Ragdolls enchanting!

cream ragdoll
cream ragdoll

Blue Cream Tortie Bicolor Ragdoll

Blue Cream Tortie Bicolor Ragdolls have a beautiful range of colors and distinctive patterns. These Ragdolls have a warm cream-colored body with patches of blue, cream, and tortoiseshell body markings.

The Bicolor pattern in Blue Cream Tortie Bicolor Ragdolls includes a white inverted V mask on the face. These cats have white mittens on their front paws that ideally extend up to the wrist joint.

With their striking appearance and enchanting sight, Blue Cream Tortie Bicolor Ragdolls make fluffy companions. Families appreciate their array of color combinations and charming personalities.

Lilac Cream Ragdoll

Lilac Cream Ragdolls have a beautiful blend of lilac and light cream. Like Cream Point Ragdoll cats, Lilac Creams can have Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted patterns. They share the same shiny blue eyes as other Ragdoll cats and are friendly and pleasant-natured.

Lilac Cream Ragdolls are recognized as one of the main colors in the Ragdoll breed. It makes them a beloved choice for families looking for an adorable and charming feline companion.

cream ragdoll cat
cream ragdoll cat

Lilac Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll

The Lilac Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll is a rich color variation of the Cream Point Ragdoll. It has cream or beige hues in its extremities. The Lilac Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll also has a dilute red color, similar to the Cream Points.

It can have a Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted pattern, common patterns for Cream Point Ragdoll cats. The Cream and Lilac Cream Lynx Point are recognized additional colors and patterns in the breed standard.

Cream Mink Ragdoll

Cream Mink Ragdolls with white bodies are another popular choice. They are born white, but their color develops after around 10 weeks.

The color development in Cream Mink Ragdolls may not be fully complete until they reach four years old. These cats have beautiful coat colors and mottled color mix, like warm cream, dark brown, and coral pink.

The distinctive appearance of Cream Mink Ragdolls makes them a stunning sight for any cat lover. Their silky coat and beautiful appearance make them a perfect choice.

cream ragdoll cat
cream ragdoll cat

Cream Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Cream mitted ragdolls have cream or ivory points on their face, ears, feet, and tails. They can have three different patterns: Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted. In the Bicolor pattern, they have a white inverted V-shaped mask on their face.

The Mitted pattern includes a white belly stripe extending to the chin. Cream Mitted Ragdolls need a clear contrast between their lighter body color and the points.

cream ragdoll cats
cream ragdoll cats

Red Cream Ragdoll Cat

Red Cream Ragdoll cats are fluffy companions with patterns and colors, including shades of red or orange blended with cream.

Like other Cream Point Ragdolls, Red Cream Ragdolls have blue eyes. Their paw pads and nose leather are a mix of flesh color and rosy pink.

When they’re born, Red Cream Ragdoll kittens start white, but their colors begin to develop after about 10 weeks. 

cream ragdoll cats
cream ragdoll cats

Cream Point Ragdoll Health Issues

Cream Point Ragdolls are prone to certain health issues, including inbreeding, urinary tract infections (UTI), and obesity.

The average life expectancy of a Ragdoll is around 10 – 15 years. Learn more about these potential health concerns and how to care for your Cream Point Ragdoll’s well-being.


Inbreeding involves breeding closely related cats, which can negatively affect Cream Point Ragdolls. When cats are bred too closely together, it increases the chances of inheriting genetic health issues.

Cream bicolor Ragdolls may be more prone to certain health problems because of inbreeding. Breeders must avoid excessive inbreeding to maintain these beautiful cats’ health.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Cream Ragdolls are prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs). These infections can cause discomfort and pain for your furry friend. Monitor their litter box habits, as frequent urination or straining could be signs of a UTI.

Ensuring they have fresh water and good hygiene practices to prevent these infections. If you suspect your Cream Ragdoll has a UTI, consult a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.


Cream Ragdolls, like many cats, are prone to obesity. This means they can easily become overweight if not fed and exercised properly. Cream Ragdolls with a bicolor pattern may be even more susceptible to obesity.

Obesity in Cream Ragdolls can result from overfeeding or a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity can lead to various health problems for these cats, like joint issues, diabetes, and heart disease.

Regular exercise and portion control keep your Cream Ragdoll at a healthy weight. Ensure your furry friend gets enough physical activity and eats balanced meals.

Cream Point Ragdoll: Pros and Cons 

The Cream Point Ragdoll cat breed has unique characteristics. Potential owners will find them appealing, but others may pose challenges. 

They have a beautiful cream/ivory coat and striking blue eyes, making them highly attractive pets.Their long coats require medium grooming upkeep; regular brushing is needed to prevent matting.
Cream Point Ragdolls are friendly and pleasant, making them ideal for families and other pets.They are prone to certain health risks, including inbreeding, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), and obesity.
These cats have low exercise needs, making them suitable for owners who cannot give a lot of playtime.White Ragdolls cat can get dirty easily and require frequent cleaning.
They have a low training difficulty and can be easily trained by their owners.Cream Point Ragdolls can be quite expensive to purchase as a pure breed.

Where Can I Find Cream Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Cream Ragdoll kittens can be easily found for sale through reputable breeders. There are many options available both online and locally.

One way to find Cream Ragdoll kittens is by searching websites dedicated to cat breeders. Another popular choice is visiting local cat shows, where breeders showcase their available kittens.

You can check with local Ragdoll cat clubs or associations in your area, as they may have a list of trusted breeders. When purchasing a Cream Ragdoll kitten, do thorough research and choose a breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their cats.

Prices for Cream Ragdoll kittens can vary depending on factors like lineage, quality, and location, ranging from $800 to $4,000.

cream ragdoll cats
cream ragdoll cats


Is The Cream Point Ragdoll Right For Me?

The Cream Point Ragdoll might be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a friendly and sociable cat. Their beautiful color variation and blue eyes make them a stunning sight.

These cats have three different patterns: Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted. They have medium grooming needs and should be brushed regularly to keep their luxurious coat looking their best.

While generally healthy, they are prone to health issues like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and polycystic kidney disease.

Are Cream Ragdolls Rare?

Cream Ragdolls are not considered rare, but they are less common than other colors in the breed. Their beautiful cream-colored points and stunning blue eyes make them popular among feline lovers. While you may need to search more to find a Cream Ragdoll, they are worth it. 

Are Cream Ragdolls Born White?

Cream Ragdolls are indeed born white. Their fur is completely white when they are born, with no color showing. Their color develops as they grow older, around 10 weeks old. It is on points of their body like the ears, face, tail, and paws.

The color development in cream Ragdolls may not be fully complete until the cat breed is four. If you have a cream Ragdoll kitten, don’t worry if they still look mostly white.

Do All Cream Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

Cream Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes. These stunning cats have a pristine white coat with cream points and mesmerizing blue eyes that are trademarked.

Whether they have a cream bi-color pattern or other color varieties, Cream Ragdolls always showcase those striking blue peepers. 

Is Cream A Recognized Ragdoll Cat Color?

Cream is indeed a recognized color for Ragdoll cats. Cream Point Ragdolls have a beautiful coat that is ivory or cream in color. This color comes from the red dilute gene.

Their face, ears, feet, and tail are all shades of cream or ivory. These lovely cats also have blue eyes, which stand out against their creamy fur. The paw pads and pink nose leather of cream point Ragdolls are somewhere flesh-colored.

How Long Does Cream Point Ragdoll Live For?

Cream Point Ragdolls have a lifespan of around 10-15 years. They are generally healthy cats but are prone to certain health issues like other Ragdolls. To ensure a longer and healthier life, provide them with proper care, regular vet check-ups, and a balanced diet.

Choose a reputable and ethical breeder to ensure their well-being when getting your Cream Point Ragdoll.

Tell Me About The Cream Point Ragdoll Pricing?

Cream Ragdoll kittens can range in price from $800 to $4,000. The cost can vary depending on pedigree, bloodline, and show quality.

Cream Ragdolls are considered more rare and desirable, which could contribute to the higher prices.

Only 3% of cat owners in the US own Cream Ragdolls. TICA and CFA recognize these cats for their beautiful coat color types and delicate appearance.

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