Ragdoll Siamese Cats

Ragdoll Siamese Cats: A Complete Guide Of This Fascinating Feline

Ever wondered what makes the Ragdoll Siamese cats stand out among popular breeds? These charismatic creatures blend the intelligent Siamese and affectionate Ragdolls uniquely. It results in an irresistible mix called ‘Ragamese.’

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need about these hybrid breeds of cats. From their vibrant fluffy coat colors to their health needs. So let’s dive into the world of enchanting Ragdoll Siamese mix breed and find out more about these excellent companions!

siamese ragdoll mix
siamese ragdoll mix
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What is a Siamese Ragdoll Cat?

A Siamese Ragdoll Cat is a special mix. It comes from two popular cat breeds, the Siamese cat and the Ragdoll cat. This blend creates a new kind of pet called the Ragamese Cat. These cats have soft and shiny coats that range from short to semi-long.

Their eyes are blue and can be round or almond-shaped eyes. The color of their ears, face, paws, and tail differs from that of their body. This is known as a pointed coat pattern. They get smartness from the Siamese breed of cat, while love for cuddles comes from their Ragdoll side.

Siamese Ragdoll Cat Appearance

These cats have pointed coloring, blue eyes, medium to large sizes, and semi-long fur with various colors and patterns.

Pointed Coloring

Ragamese cats have a special trait. Their ears, face, paws, and tail show pointed color patterns. These kitten colors can be seal, chocolate, blue, or lilac. They may even be red or cream! This gives them a hard-to-miss look.

These unique color points are why people love Ragamese cats so much. It makes each cat one-of-a-kind and very fancy looking! This is something only Siamese adult Ragdoll cat breeds have.

siamese ragdoll
siamese ragdoll

Blue Eyes

These cats have bright, beautiful blue eyes. Their eyes can be all shapes, like round or almond-shaped. The color of their fur goes very well with the deep blue of their eyes.

Many people find these cats’ blue eyes captivating and cannot look away from them. Blue is a typical eye color for Siamese Ragdoll cats.

Ragamese Size

Ragamese cats are medium to large, with adults weighing 8 to 15 pounds. Their size is influenced by their parent breeds, the Siamese and Ragdoll cats. Each cat’s individual genetics and health conditions can also affect its size.

Fur Color And Length

Siamese Ragdoll cats have fur that can be short or semi-long in length. Ragdoll Siamese coats are incredibly soft, plush, and silky to the touch. When it comes to color, Siamese Ragdolls come in stunning shades.

You might find them with seal, chocolate, blue, or lilac-colored fur. Some Siamese Rag dolls even have red or cream-colored coats! Siamese Ragdolls are a sight to behold with their beautiful fur and different coat lengths.

Siamese Ragdoll Coat Colors And Types

Siamese Ragdoll coat colors and types include blue, flame point, tabby mix, seal point, lynx point, and short hair varieties.

ragdoll siamese mix
ragdoll siamese mix

Blue Siamese Ragdoll Cat

The Blue Siamese Ragdoll Cat is a special mix between a Siamese and Ragdoll cat. They have a beautiful, mostly blue with patches of lighter or darker colors. One of their standout features is their stunning blue eyes.

These cats have inherited both breeds’ affectionate and gentle nature, making them great companions. Blue Siamese Ragdolls are sociable and love being around their human friends.

siamese ragdoll cats
siamese ragdoll cats

Flame Point Siamese Ragdoll

Flame Point Siamese Ragdolls are special Siamese Ragdoll cats with unique color patterns. This pattern results from combining the genes of both separate breeds – Siamese and Ragdoll.

Their captivating blue eyes make flame point Siamese Ragdolls stand out, adding to their charm and beauty. They combine intelligence from the Siamese breed and the affectionate nature of the Ragdoll breed standard, making them wonderful companions.

siamese ragdoll kittens
siamese ragdoll kittens

Siamese Ragdoll Tabby Mix

The Siamese Ragdoll Tabby Mix cats blend the Siamese, Ragdoll, and Tabby breeds. These beautiful felines have medium to large body structures and weigh 8 to 15 pounds.

Their coat colors include seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, and cream. One of their most striking features is their captivating blue eyes which can come in different shapes.

Siamese Ragdoll Tabby Mix cats inherit intelligence from the Siamese pedigree and a docile nature from the Ragdoll feline breed. Depending on their parent breed genetic trait, they can have different coat types, like short or long hair.

blue siamese ragdoll cat
blue siamese ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Seal Point Siamese Cat

The Ragdoll Seal Point Siamese Cat crosses the Siamese and adult Ragdoll cat. They have beautiful coats, including chocolate, blue, lilac, red, cream, and seal color pattern types.

One of their standout features is their captivating blue eyes. These cats are friendly and social. They have an outgoing personality and love being around people. With intelligence from the Siamese parent and an affectionate personality from the Ragdoll side, they make excellent family pets. 

siamese ragdoll mix cat
siamese ragdoll mix cat

Lynx Point Siamese Ragdoll Mix

The Lynx Point Siamese Ragdoll Mixes are charming hybrid animals combining Siamese and Ragdoll cats. These cats have a coat that range from short to semi-long hair with a soft and silky texture.

They have unique pointed color patterns on their ears, face, paws, and tail. The colors of their points can vary from seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac to red and cream.

One of the most striking features is their beautiful blue eyes in different shapes like almond or rounded. Regarding personality, these cats have great social skills. They are friendly companions who enjoy being around people.

siamese cat ragdoll
siamese cat ragdoll

Siamese Ragdoll Cat Short Hair

The Siamese Ragdoll Cats have short hair. Their fur is not as long and fluffy as other Ragdoll cats. This makes grooming a bit easier because there is less hair to maintain. Even though they have shorter hair, Siamese Ragdolls still require regular grooming. It will keep their coat healthy and free from tangles or mats.

They may shed moderately, so occasional brushing can minimize loose hair around the house. Siamese Ragdolls with shorter hair have a more manageable coat for those who prefer minimal grooming.

ragamese kitten
ragamese kitten

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Size and Weight

The Ragdoll Siamese mix is a cat with a medium to large body structure. These cats can weigh between 8 to 15 pounds in adulthood. They are not too small, but also not too big, making them a perfect size.

They fall within the average range for most cats regarding size and weight. If you’re looking for a cat that’s not too heavy or too light, the Ragdoll Siamese mix might be right!

The Ragdoll Siamese mix has a proportionate body with strong muscles and sturdy bones. They have an elegant and graceful posture that adds to their charm.

The average weight of these cats can vary depending on genetic conditions, diet, and overall health condition. Individual cats may differ slightly in a given size and weight range. Their size makes them manageable yet substantial enough for cuddling and carrying around comfortably.

Siamese Ragdoll Mix Reality Check

Siamese Ragdoll mix has a unique temperament and behavior, requiring regular exercise, training, and socialization. They also need to be compatible with other pets. 

ragdoll siamese cat
ragdoll siamese cat

Temperament and Behavior

Ragamese cats have a unique temperament and behavior that sets them apart. They are laid-back and affectionate, making them great companions. These cats enjoy socializing with entire family members and are friendly towards children and other pets.

Ragamese cats are also quite vocal, using a melodic voice to communicate with their owners. Their mischievous and curious nature adds to their charm, as they love to explore their surroundings.

Exercise and Playtime

Ragamese cats need regular exercise and playtime for happy and healthy lives

  • Play with them using interactive toys, like food puzzle toys, to stimulate their intelligence.
  • Set aside dedicated time each day for play sessions based on their activity level. Chasing a laser pointer or throwing a toy for them to retrieve can be fun.
  • Provide scratching posts and climbing trees to satisfy their instinctual need to climb and scratch.
  • Engage in interactive play with your Ragamese cat using feather wands, fishing rods, a post & toys. This will strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.
  • Create an enriching environment by hiding treats or toys for them to find around the house. This will encourage mental stimulation and hunting instincts.
  • Consider introducing a second cat as a playmate, if appropriate. Ragamese cats enjoy the company of other felines.

Training and Socialization: Raising a Well-Behaved Ragamese

Training and socialization are essential for raising a well-behaved Ragamese cat. 

Start Early: 

Begin training and socialization when you bring your Ragamese kitten home.

Positive Reinforcement: 

Use rewards and praise to encourage good behavior and discourage bad habits.

Basic Commands: 

Teach your Ragamese cat basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come” using treats and repetition.

Litter Box Training: 

Show your Ragdoll Siamese kitten where the litter box is located and reward them when they use it correctly.

Handling And Touch: 

Regularly handle your Ragamese mix kitten, touching their paws, ears, and tail gently to familiarize them with being touched.

Introduce New Experiences: 

Gradually expose your Ragamese cat to new people, animals, sounds, and environments to prevent fear or aggression.


Engage in interactive play sessions with toys that simulate hunting behaviors to stimulate your Ragamese cat mentally.

Cat Trees And Scratching Posts: 

Provide vertical spaces like a cat tree and a scratching post for climbing and scratching to satisfy their natural instincts.

Socializing With Other Pets: 

Introduce your Ragamese cat slowly to other pets using positive reinforcement techniques.

Patience And Consistency: 

Be patient with your Ragamese cat’s progress during training and consistently reinforce desired behaviors.

Ragamese Cat Compatibility: Choosing the Right Feline Friend

Ragamese cats are social and friendly companions. Whether you have a dog or another cat, Ragamese cats are laid-back and affectionate. It makes them compatible with different animals.

They are patient and tolerant, so they can adapt to living in a multi-pet household. This makes them a great choice for families with pets or those who plan to bring in new furry friends.

Vaccinations For Ragdoll Siamese Mix Kittens

Ragdoll Siamese mix kittens need vaccinations to stay healthy.

  1. A veterinarian should give vaccinations.
  2. The vaccination schedule starts at 6 – 8 weeks of age.
  3. Boosters are needed every 3-4 weeks until the Ragamese kittens are 16-20 weeks old.
  4. Regular veterinary visits are important for monitoring the kittens’ health.
  5. Talk to your vet about the recommended vaccines and preventive care for your Ragdoll Siamese mix kitten.
  6. Crucial Ragdoll vaccinations include the Distemper vaccine, Feline Leukemia vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Feline Infectious Peritonitis vaccine, etc. 

Difference Between Male and Female Ragamese Cats

Male and female Ragamese adult cats differ in size and weight. Male Ragamese cats are larger and heavier than females. Males usually weigh between 12 and 20 pounds, while females range from 10 to 15 pounds. These are just general ranges, and individual cats may fall outside of them.

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Health Issues

Ragdoll Siamese Mix cats are prone to several breed-specific health issues. They are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, amyloidosis, megaesophagus, progressive retinal atrophy, polycystic kidney disease, cancer, gum disease, joint problems, liver diseases, and obesity.

1. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease that can affect Ragamese cats. The heart muscle becomes thicker, leading to difficulty pumping blood and may cause heart failure.

Ragamese cats are more prone to it because of their genes. Regular vet visits help monitor their heart health and manage any risks associated with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

2. Amyloidosis

Abnormal proteins called amyloids build up in the organs and tissues of Ragdoll Siamese cats in Amyloidosis. This can cause damage and dysfunction. Ragdoll Siamese mixes may have a genetic predisposition to developing amyloidosis.

The condition can affect organs like kidneys, liver, heart, and intestines. Common symptoms include weight loss, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, urination, and lethargy.

3. Megaesophagus

Megaesophagus is a condition that can affect Ragdoll Siamese mix cats. It makes it difficult for them to swallow and can cause them to regurgitate their cat food. This condition may be genetic in these cats. Owners should be aware and seek proper care if they notice issues with their cat’s ability to eat or keep food down.

4. Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a health issue affecting Ragdoll Siamese mix cats. It is a genetic condition that damages the cells in the retina, which are responsible for vision.

Ragdoll Siamese cats are particularly at risk for developing PRA. As the disease progresses, affected cats may experience night blindness, dilated pupils, and a decline in vision. Without treatment, PRA worsens over time.

5. Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Diseases (PKD) affects Ragdoll Siamese Mix cats. It causes cysts, fluid-filled sacs, to grow in the kidneys. This can lead to kidney failure and other health problems.

Ragdoll Siamese Mix cats risk developing PKD more than other breeds. Symptoms of PKD include increased thirst and urination, reduced appetite, weight loss, and vomiting.

To diagnose PKD in these cats, veterinarians perform physical examinations, blood tests, and ultrasound imaging of the kidneys. PKD treatment options include medication to manage blood pressure and support kidney function, dietary changes, and fluid therapy.

6. Cancer

Ragdoll Siamese mixes can sometimes develop cancer. It can manifest in different forms, like lymphoma or mammary cancer. Genetics, environment, and lifestyle contribute to their risk of developing cancer.

If your Ragdoll Siamese mix is diagnosed with cancer, treatment options may include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Monitor your cat’s health closely and seek veterinary advice if you notice concerning symptoms or behavioral changes.

7. Gum disease

Gum disease is a common problem in Ragdoll Siamese cats. Genetic factors and poor dental hygiene can cause it. To prevent gum disease, take dental care of your cat’s teeth.

You can do this by brushing their teeth regularly and providing them with dental treats or toys. Look for signs of gum disease, like bad breath, swollen or bleeding gums, and difficulty eating.

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other common health conditions if left untreated.

8. Joint problems

Ragdoll Siamese Mix cats can have joint problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia. These issues make it difficult for them to move around comfortably and cause limping or stiffness.

Obesity or injuries can contribute to joint problems in these cats. To prevent such common issues, provide them with proper nutrition and maintain a healthy weight.

9. Obesity

Ragdoll Siamese cats tend to become overweight. This can lead to various health problems and complications. Obesity in Ragamese cats increases the risk of developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, kidney problems, and dental issues.

Owners must control their cat’s food portions and monitor their intake to prevent obesity. Regular exercise and playtime keep Ragamese cats at a healthy weight.

How to Take Care of Your Ragdoll Siamese Mix?

Taking care of your Ragdoll Siamese Mix involves a balanced diet, grooming supplies, and adequate social interaction and playtime.

Feeding and Diet

Ragdoll Siamese mixes need a special diet high in animal-based proteins. This means their special food should have lots of meat! Feed them high-quality cat food that meets their nutritional needs.

Avoid giving them too many treats or human food, as it can upset their stomachs. Ensure they always have fresh water available. Regular mealtimes and portion control prevent obesity and maintain a healthy weight.

Cleaning and Grooming

Ragdoll Siamese mixes have semi-long silky coats that require regular brushing to keep it tangle-free and shiny. Weekly brushing is sufficient but daily brushing is necessary during shedding seasons (spring and fall). Bathing should only be done when necessary. Cats are generally good at keeping themselves clean. Use a gentle, cat-friendly shampoo if needed.

Trimming their nails regularly prevents them from becoming too long or sharp.

Clean your Ragdoll Siamese mix’s teeth regularly using cat-friendly toothpaste. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush designed for pets.

Lastly, don’t forget about your cat’s ears! Check them regularly for any signs of dirt or wax buildup. Gently clean them with cotton balls and an ear cleaning solution recommended by your veterinarian.

How Much Does a Ragamese Cat Cost?

Ragamese cats can be quite expensive. If you want to buy a Ragamese kitten, expect to pay between $800 and $2000. Remember that this average price is just the initial cost.

Owning a Ragamese cat involves ongoing cat food, litter, toys, veterinary care, and more expenses. The lifetime average price ranges around $10,000 for owning a Ragamese cat. Consider your budget and are prepared for the financial responsibilities that come with it.

Is a Siamese Ragdoll Cat Right for You?

The Siamese Ragdoll cat is a unique and wonderful breed, but it may not suit everyone. These intelligent breeds of cats are curious creatures and have affectionate personalities.

They love lots of attention and enjoy being part of the family. They also have an energetic side and need regular exercise and playtime.

If you’re considering a Siamese Ragdoll cat, understand their grooming needs. Their semi-long silky hair requires regular brushing.

This distinct breed could be right if you provide love, constant attention, exercise, and grooming supplies Be aware of potential health concerns, and you are ready to bring them home. 

Finding Siamese Ragdoll Kittens for Sale In USA

Ragamese kittens for sale can be found in the USA. If you want a Siamese Ragdoll kitten, there are several avenues you can explore. One excellent choice is contacting reputable cat breeders specializing in Siamese and Ragdoll cats. A few in the country include –

Siamese Ragdoll kittens may be available or can direct you to other breeders. Another option is to check local shelters and rescue centers like –

Online platforms like Adopt-a-Pet and Petfinder can connect you with Siamese Ragdoll kittens looking for loving homes. Research and ensure that the seller or organization is reputable before committing!

Mixed Breed Cats Similar to Ragdoll Siamese Cat Mix

Some mixed breed cats similar to the Ragdoll Siamese Cat Mix include the Ragdoll Siamese Himalayan Cat and the Ragdoll Siamese Snowshoe Cat.

Ragdoll Siamese Ragdoll Himalayan Cat

The Ragdoll Siamese Ragdoll Himalayan cat mixes the Ragdoll, Siamese, and Himalayan breeds. These cats have beautiful long coats like the Ragdoll and Himalayan. Besides, they possess pointed color patterns on their ears, face, paws, and tail. They come in various colors, including seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, or even red and cream.

Like their parent breeds, these cats are friendly and affectionate. They enjoy being around people and are cuddly companions. 

Ragdoll Siamese Snowshoe Cat

The Ragdoll Siamese Snowshoe cat produces fascinating hybrid kittens. It combines the qualities of the Siamese, Ragdoll, and Snowshoe cats. This cat has a striking appearance with its pointed color patterns on the ears, face, paws, and tail.

It can have various coat colors ranging from seals to blue and lilac. The Ragdoll Siamese Snowshoe also has captivating blue eyes that add to its charm. They combine the intelligence of the Siamese, Ragdoll’s gentle nature, and Snowshoe’s playful personality.


How Long Do Ragamese Cats Live?

Ragamese cats, a mix of Ragdoll and Siamese breeds, generally have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. They have unique Siamese traits like pointed coloring and blue eyes.

Ragamese cats are generally healthy but can be prone to certain conditions like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. To ensure a healthy life for your Ragamese cat, provide them with regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and playtime.

Are Ragameses Good House Pets?

Ragamese cats make wonderful house pets! They are social and friendly and love being around their human companions. With their intelligence and affectionate nature, Ragameses are great for families with children and other pets.

These cats have a vocal nature and tend to be patient and tolerant. Whether you’re looking for a playful cat breed or a cuddly lap cat, a Ragamese would be a fantastic addition.

Are Ragamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Ragamese cats are not specifically a hypoallergenic breed. Spend some time with a Ragamese cat before bringing one home to see if you have any allergic reactions.

Are Ragdoll Siamese Mixes Healthy Cats?

Ragdoll Siamese mixes are generally healthy cats but can be prone to certain health issues. Common problems include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which affects the heart, kidney issues, and dental problems.

Provide regular veterinary care to monitor their health and catch any potential issues early on. Maintaining a healthy diet and providing minimal grooming and care to keep your Ragdoll Siamese mix happy and healthy.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

Ragamese cats are social and friendly. These cats are patient and tolerant toward other animals. They can coexist peacefully if introduced gradually and properly socialized.

Introduce Ragamese cats to other pets slowly and carefully to ensure they get along well. With the right approach, Ragamese cats can form loving relationships with other furry friends.

Yes, Ragdoll cats are related to Siamese cats. The Ragdoll breed was developed by crossing Siamese cats with other liveliest breeds, including Persians and Burmese. This cross-breeding resulted in the unique characteristics of Ragdolls, like their pointed coloring and blue eyes.

Are Ragdoll Siamese Mix Recognized by Cat Registries?

Cat registries or Cat Associations do not officially recognize Ragdoll Siamese Mix cats or Ragamese cats. They are a crossbreed between Ragdolls and Siamese cats, inheriting the best qualities of both breeds. While they may not have official breed recognition, Ragamese cats are still loved and cherished by many cat enthusiasts.

Do Ragamese Cats Shed?

Ragamese cats shed moderately, so you can expect some fur around your home. Their thick and multi-colored coats contribute to shedding. While they don’t shed like other breeds, regular grooming is necessary to keep their coat healthy.

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